Incorporate Norwegian style into your interior effortlessly with Noremax. From sleek storage solutions to chic finishing touches, Noremax has everything you need to create a contemporary living space. This Scandinavian style combines simplicity with superb functionality to achieve living spaces that are both incredibly aesthetic and practical. Discover effortless Scandinavian style and customize your IKEA furniture with Noremax.

Personalize Popular IKEA Furniture With Noremax

With Noremax, it is possible to achieve personalised, individual version of IKEA furniture. Noremax offers cabinet fronts, tops and sides suitable for IKEA cabinets, including the renowned FAKTUM and METOD kitchen installations. Personalizing a Faktum kitchen system allows you to perfectly match cabinets to your desired environment, curating a harmonious and stylish kitchen. Noremax can create Metod kitchen cabinets in any colour, providing an NSC colour code is supplied. Alternatively, Noremax accept Jotun or Farrow&Ball colour codes or names.

In busy household, efficient storage space is essential! It is a struggle for a home owner to repeatedly face how to implement storage into an interior without losing space or the visual appeal of a room. Noremax offers storage solutions that eliminate this issue and make storage a complementary and attractive addition to an interior. By offering storage fronts in a range of different styles and colours,

Noremax can transform a basic or value piece of furniture into a storage
solution that is perfectly adapted to you. From tall cabinets to wide draws,
Noremax has the fitted fronts to transform a piece of furniture.

For all living spaces, a wardrobe is an
essential item, it can, however, also be an awkward and unsightly addition to a
room. Noremax’s selection of wardrobe fronts and
doors can turn a standard Pax wardrobe into an interesting visual feature. Choose from classic and elegant fronts which offer innovative handles and creative textures. A wardrobe can add dimensions and depth to your room and can be utilised to compliment the aesthetic of your room.

Ideal for interiors that want elegant storage that doesn’t physically dominate a room, Besta sideboards are an ideal, discreet storage option. Offering horizontal rather than vertical storage, a sideboard makes the most out of the physical space available in a room without compromising minimalistic Scandinavian style and leaving more wall space for décor and personalisation. As a sideboard needs to complement both the colour of the wall it is behind and the floor it is on, personalising the doors and colour of your sideboard is an excellent way to ensure the appearance of your room is flawless.

If you require extra storage but have limited floor space available, shelves are a great option. Maximizing the available space in a room, shelves appeal both functionally and visually as they can showcase ornaments and personality. Shelving brackets are not simply functional but can add intricate detail to contribute to the overall desired look.

Customizing IKEA furniture by editing fronts and colour is an incredible way to impersonate an item and make it suit your individual taste, adding a unique handle is often the perfect finishing touch. To ensure your item looks coherent, the correct handle must be chosen, and Noremax offers a selection of metal and leather handles to match a range of interior styles. From classic ball to industrial bar styles, finding the right handle to suit your personal preference is simple.

Browse through Noremax’s selection of customized items and achieve the interior you’ve always desired. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact a member of our friendly team who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Alternatively, we have an FAQ page that may help to answer any additional questions that you may have.

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