Where can I find hinges? What are my options?

  1. Noremax supply replacement kitchen cabinet fronts and wardrobe fronts. Unfortunately, we do not sell hinges. If you require hinges for the Ikea Method system or Pax wardrobe we recommend you buy them direct from Ikea.

Furthermore, if you require hinges for the Ikea Faktum system, we advise you to find a manufacturer who can produce these types of hinges as Ikea do not produce this system any more. In such instances, it is advisable to take note of how your cabinets operate, i.e. how you open the cabinets so you can find a suitable replacement.


You can take a look at Blum. Designed, engineered and made in Austria, Blum creates products that are stylish yet practical with inventive solutions for modern kitchens. Using the highest manufacturing standards, rigorous product testing and exacting quality control, you can be assured of a product that adds quality to your craftsmanship but will last the lifetime of the kitchen or beyond. Here, Noremax recommends finding a professional carpenter who can adjust hinges for the Metod system, available to purchase at Ikea, modifying them to fit the Faktum system.

Of course, if you have an Ikea Faktum system and your existing hinges are not damaged you’ll be able to reuse them when you choose to change the kitchen cabinet fronts.

What do I have to think about when installing side panels?

The side panels are usually wider than the cabinet itself. This is to cover the hull itself, the thickness of the front (door) + a few mm to be able to adjust panel to the wall / floor which often turns out to be uneven. Side panels can always be customized by cutting the sides facing the wall or floor.

If you are customizing side panels yourself please take for a count that often they have to be adapted to the uneven floor, the wall and the hull itself. It must be considered that it is not always worthwhile to order side panels in exact measurements without having to adapt on site as well.

Side panels should be mounted from the inside of the cabinet using mounting screws. Screws do not come with the side panels, so we recommend using very common mounting screws. It is important not to use too long screws to avoid screws passing through the side panels. Side panels are 12mm thick.

If you have no experience in joinery work, we always recommend using professionals for the best possible result.

Will the dishwasher front fit any dishwasher?

IKEA designed their kitchens to only fit dishwashers they offer. If you have purchased dishwasher else where or already had one before buying IKEA’s kitchen please be aware that neither ours nor IKEA’s dishwasher front will not fit perfectly. You may find you will have to make custom adjustments.

Is METOD more expensive than FAKTUM?

The prices are more or less the same. However the finish you will choose for your fronts may affect the price.

Is there a pick-up-point?

No, we do not have a pick-up-point as the fronts are sent directly from the factory in Norway to customers.

Do the fronts come with hinge holes and holes for drawers just like IKEA’s fronts?

Yes, our fronts are produced just like the IKEA fronts with holes for hinges and drawers.

Can I still order fronts for my Faktum Kitchen?

Yes, you can order all Faktum fronts at Noremax as well as sides and plinths.

What’s the difference between Metod and Faktum?

To find out whether you have IKEA Metod or Faktum kitchen, simply check out the holes on the inside of your kitchen cabinet. The Faktum cabinets have one row of holes along the edge, while the Metod cabinets have two rows.

The Faktum plinth is 16 cm while the Metod plinth is 8 cm. You can also check the dimensions on the fronts; Metod has even numbers like 20, 40, 60 and 100 cm. The base cabinets have different heights as well; Metod has a height of 80 cm while Faktum has a height of 70 cm.

Does the price include colour and gloss?

Yes, the price includes colour and semi-gloss. There’s an additional cost of 5% for satin and 10% for matte.

How do I pay for my order?

You can either pay by invoice or PayPal. The order will not be sent to the factory until we have registered your payment.

Does Noremax offer products installation?

Noremax does not have its own assemblers. In order to avoid damage and scratches which may occur during assembly, especially on lacquered / painted fronts, we always recommend to use professional carpenter.

Installing fronts is done in the same way as installing IKEA fronts.

Can I return my products and get refund?

All the fronts are produced for customer order, therefore they are not subject to refunds unless they are damaged in transit.

Only kitchen handles are standard products that can be returned in the original packaging and refund can be issues.

How can I reduce damage to my fronts?

To maximise the lifespan of your cabinet fronts, it is important you follow instructions on how to reduce the risk of damage. All of our fronts are sprayed with a high quality lacquer but incorrect care could cause damage to the surface. Do not wash or scrub the cabinet fronts with strong chemical cleaning products as this can cause discolouration or damage to the surface.

Special care should be taken when using your oven; always keep the oven doors shut when in use to prevent damage to the kitchen cabinet fronts caused by high temperatures. Similarly, you should also take care of the front on your dishwasher if you have one to reduce the water and steam affecting the kitchen cabinets.

Can you explain more about front models which have mill handles (engraved handles) and also about ones which require handles upon installation? Where can I find push systems for models with mill handles? What do they look like and what’s the best way to install them?

Here at Noremax, we offer plenty of options when it comes to handles. We offer a range of models with integrated mill handles (look at our models Instyle, Ontime, Circle and Elegance). For other models which don’t have mill handles, you will need to install your chosen handles or push system at your own discretion.

Across our website we offer a wide range of handles for you to choose from. However, if you are looking for push systems in particular, we recommend you visit Ikea. Furthermore, if you are not confident in installing handles or push systems, we recommend you contact a local carpenter who will be able to assist you.

What materials do Noremax use for each model and why do you choose them?

The majority of our fronts are made of high quality furniture board MDF. Sourced from natural raw materials, MDF is very durable and does not warp or crack. Even with extreme changes in humidity and temperature, there’s very little chance of damage to your cabinet doors. Made from very fine particles, MDF does not have noticeable grain which results in a better and smooth finish, especially when the board is painted.

In terms of the ranges we offer here at Noremax the following fronts are made of MDF and then painted to produce a very smooth appearance; Basic, Instyle, Ontime, Elegance, Circle, Classic and Classic Style.

Our Nordic fronts are also made of MDF, but these fronts are then covered with ash veneer which highlights the beautiful natural structure of the wood. Depending on your personal preferences, these fronts can be painted, varnished or stained.

Finally, our Classic Max fronts are made of ash wood rather than MDF and if desired, these too can also be painted, varnished or stained.

How do I measure fronts to avoid problems with incorrect measurements?

To avoid ordering the wrong sizes, you will need to measure both the width and height of the fronts you currently have. If you are struggling with this, Noremax recommend you contact your local carpenter who will be able to assist you.

Likewise, if you are buying a brand-new kitchen from Ikea minus the fronts, it is advisable to speak to a member of staff at Ikea who should be able to provide you with all the measurements and specifications that you’ll need.

What if I need just one front? Will there be a difference in colour shade? Do I have to change all fronts in this case? What’s the best thing to do?

If you are planning on remodeling only part of your kitchen, there’s always a small risk that the colours will not match completely even if you provide the NCS colour. Unfortunately, due to the production of the fronts in batches, there’s a chance that the level of gloss and colour shade may differ from the rest of your kitchen.

A number of other factors can affect the colour of your kitchen cabinets including exposure to the sun, chemical products or the age of your existing kitchen as paint colours will discolour across time. To ensure your kitchen cabinets match 100% it is strongly advised that you change all fronts at the same time.

I only have the name of the colour from Ikea, what do I need to do to be able to order from Noremax?

In order to receive your replacement fronts, it is essential that you provide the NCS code for your chosen colour.  Also we will accept Jotun or Farrow&Ball colour code or name. We do not have a list of colours provided by Ikea so it is important you source this information prior to placing your order with Noremax. However we do several, the most popular colours on our website you can choose from if you don’t look for precise shade.

If you are struggling to find the information you require about the colour, we recommend that you ask your local paint supplier to assist. Most of them will be able to scan your desire colour or provide NCS code index and mix for you a sample. However this does not guarantee 100% colour integrity. The difference may be minor.

Please note: Noremax accepts no responsibility if you supply us with the incorrect NCS code so it is important that you make sure all information is true and correct upon submission to us.

What if my kitchen is not from Ikea? Can I still order fronts from Noremax?

Our standard kitchen front measurements are designed to fit Ikea kitchens however if you have another brand of kitchen, we are still able to help you. Noremax is able to produce custom made fronts for your kitchen, so do not hesitate in getting in touch.

If you would like us to help transform your kitchen, you would need to firstly select the fronts you would like, and then provide a detailed list of all fronts measurements with exact information about the diameter and spacing of hinge holes/ drawer fixings.

In such instances, you would need to take full responsibility for the provided measurements and so it is recommended that you get the assistance of a professional carpenter or architect if required.

Please note: If you are interested in Noremax producing custom replacement kitchen cabinet fronts, you will need to submit your request via email to your local Noremax representative as this is classified as a special order.

Please could you tell me about the dismantling and assembling of fronts and how to accurately take measurements?

If you are a general handyman and feel competent in taking measurements, it’s likely that you’ll be able to change the fronts of your cabinets. However, if you are struggling or don’t feel confident in doing so, our advice is to contact your local carpenter, building company or kitchen fitter who will be able to fit the replacement kitchen cabinet fronts without any hassle.

Are the measurements you have on the web pages precise?

Yes, the measurements are (as Ikea also gives them) in whole CM’s. However, the actual measurements on the fronts themselves are usually made with negative tolerances. This is done because there needs to be a tiny clearance so you are able to open the fronts without them touching.

NB: If the measurement does not show full CM’s, please round up to the nearest CM’s. For example: 29,50 cm would be referred to as 30 cm.

What's the delivery time?

Usually we deliver within 6 weeks (all year round!) unless otherwise agreed.

Are all parts finished with holes for hinges and screw fasteners like Ikea parts?

Yes. The front ends come just as Ikea fronts do, i.e. finished with holes ready for hinges and screw fasteners.

Do hinges come with the fronts?

In the same way as for Ikea, there are no hinges with our fronts. We do not sell accessories (such as hinges etc) but instead we recommend going to Ikea which has a very good selection here.

Do you deliver fronts to Pax wardrobe systems?

Yes, also in addition to fronts, Noremax offers decorative elements such as side panels and plinths

Do Noremax have a showroom?

Yes, we have showroom in Oslo, Norway and Stockholm, Sweden.

In UK we collaborate with couple of interior designers. One in Leeds already holds our samples and the other one in London will have them shortly.

Also our UK representative has samples in Northampton.  All viewings have to be arranged by appointment.

What does left and right hinges mean?

For ease of reference, left means that the hinges are on the left side. In contrast, right means that the hinges are on the right side.

Is it possible to get the fronts delivered with the holes for the handles?

The front doors are delivered without holes to the handles to avoid mistakes.

The handles are mounted on the spot with a screw that is screwed through the back of the front.

What types of gloss do you offer?

.matte ( 10% sheen)

.satin (20% sheen)

.semigloss (40% sheen)

Semi-gloss (40% sheen)

Satin (20% sheen)

Matte (10% sheen)

Do you provide screws for handles?

Yes, screws come with the handles. The screws are adapted to the thickness of the front. Most of our fronts are 16 or 19 mm thick and you will get appropriate screws for them.

Can I mix door styles on the same furniture?

You, can mix the doors providing they have the same thickness across one row.Basic is 16 mm thick. Instyle, Ontime, Elegance, Classic are 19 mm thick.

You can check out the info on the top of each style before considering mixing the styles.

Can you tell me a little more about Noremax?

We are a Norwegian manufacturing company that specialises in the production of custom elements for IKEA cabinets – primarily the METOD and FAKTUM brands. This also includes a wide selection of Pax wardrobe units and Besta sideboards.

Choosing a Noremax front allows you to customise your new item, letting you select from a wealth of styles and a spectrum of unique colours – giving your IKEA-furnished home the bespoke, personal look that it deserves.

How Can Your Items Be Customised?

Each of our items, whether they are handles, storage, sideboards, or kitchen hardware can be customised at commercial standards. We understand that many of our customers want to inject some of their own personality and style into their home and all of our products carry a range of bespoke options to help empower you to own the home you envision.

This includes customising the finish of our handle range; the type of material that you wish to use for your doors or choosing the specific colour you would like for your item before it is delivered.

What Range Of Products Do You Offer?

Our range covers all areas of your home. This includes fronts for your IKEA kitchen, a range of handles for your chosen designs and sideboards  for your space. We also have a selection of fronts for wardrobes, shelves and storage systems.

Do You Have A Guide For Customising My FAKTUM Kitchen?

Yes. If you’re planning on renovating your FAKTUM IKEA kitchen, our customisation options can help bring a little bespoke beauty to your space and are all listed in our guide. The guide can be accessed here and details the range of doors, cabinets and drawers you can choose from and detailed pricing options for each product.

Can I Buy Noremax Products For A Business?

Of Course. However, we do sell directly to consumers and are unable to provide Noremax products to companies who intend to sell our products on for their own profit. Noremax are not a corporate supplier and only sell for private consumption.

We accept a range of safe and secure payment options, including PayPal, Mastercard, and Visa.

What Range Of Colours Can I Choose?

At Noremax, we pride ourselves on the range of colours that we offer buyers. This includes a custom matching service that can duplicate any colour you provide us – ensuring that your product arrives looking exactly the way you need it to.

We work from NCS, Joturn or Farrow & Ball colour codes, so you can take your time selecting your complimenting colour palette and we will handle the rest.

Can I See Samples Of Noremax Products?

Absolutely – We encourage our customers to preview their future furniture by ordering a sample. The sample can be produced specifically for you and in your personalised colours and desired finish. We will post the sample to your chosen address so you can decide in your own home.

Noremax are proud to have partnered with select interior designers around the UK. You can make an appointment with Caroline Wood-Robertson in Ilkley (near Leeds) to view samples and shortly we will provide details for interior designer in London. Contact details can be provided on request (please email [email protected]).

Alternatively, you can get in touch with our UK representative who has samples available for viewing at a registered businesses address in Northampton.

Please get in touch to make an appointment or find out more information.

Got Another Question?

If you have any additional bespoke needs or requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team and let us know exactly what you need.

Does Noremax fit all Faktum fronts?

Our fronts fit the latest version of Faktum from around 1996. All kitchens purchased earlier than this require specially sized drawer fronts. They have different dimensions on holes for drawer fronts and can have a groove at the bottom of the drawer. The rest of the fronts are equal to the latest Faktum series. Let us know if you have the older version and we will send drawer fronts without holes for hinges so you can adapt these at site. If you are unsure of which version you have, send us a photo on the back with measuring tape/ruler that shows the distance between the hole and edge.

Why doesn´t Faktum 40x13, 60x13 and 80x13 fit?

At one point, Ikea changed the drawer holes for Faktum – so that the drawer fits perfectly up side down but not in a normal direction. This is not noticable if you don´t have carved out grips and mainly applies to drawer fronts with the dimensions 40×13, 60×13 and 80×13. If you have chosen fronts with integrated grips, it is easiest to make new holes yourself by using an old front to see the placement of the new holes.

Does Noremax side plates come in the same thickness as Ikea?

Almost all of Noremax side plates have a thickness of 12 cm, and are produced with a totally smooth surface. This is not Ikeas standard. If you wish to order custom made side plates or fronts in other dimensions or thickness, this can be adjusted but some extra charge will apply.

What do I need to know when mounting the side plates?

The side plates are usually wider than the frame. This is to cover the frame and the thickness of the front + a few mm to be able to adapt in relation to the wall/floor which often turns out to be skewed.  Sides can always be adjusted by cutting the ends that goes against the wall or floor. Since the side is adapted to both wall, floor and frame, it is not always possible to attach the side perfectly to the mm without having to adjust it in place by cutting it a little where needed. The side must be mounted from the inside of the carcass, using mounting screw. Screws and hinges are not included so these must be purchased separately. Do not use screws that are to long to not risk it goes all the way through. If you do not have experience in carpentry, we always recommend that you use proffessional workers for best result.

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