IKEA Besta sideboard – upgrade your living room or bedroom

Many people think that the living room is a place that should be a showcase of the house. This is where we invite guests and here we spend a large part of our free time with family. So let’s make living room’s appearance encourage to do so. If you are the owner of IKEA Besta sideboard, but would like to do a small upgrade in your living room or bedroom, we can help you with that. You don’t have to buy the new IKEA Besta sideboard at all to make a visable change in the room. All you need to do is replace only doors and side panels, which we will prepare according to your requirments. Remember that with us you can change your IKEA kitchen in the same easy way.

New fronts for IKEA Besta sideboard – why it’s worth it?

See what you can gain by exchanging IKEA doors for our new IKEA Besta sideboard fronts.

Modern living room and bedroom

If your IKEA Besta sideboard was bought a few years ago, today it may show signs of wear or simply may not be as fashionable as it was at that time. You can easily replace IKEA Besta sideboard fronts meeting the latest trends, by replacing only IKEA doors. This way you can also upgrade your IKEA kitchen.


Purchasing the new Besta sideboard can be considerable expense. The purchase of Noremax fronts replacing doors and side panels only, lets save money that we can spend on replacing other furniture, such as a sofa for a living room or newer items for kitchen, that can’t be refreshed so easily.

More comfortable

A major renovation means a lot of work. Replacing only doors and side panels doesn’t take long. In addition, items for your IKEA Besta sideboard will be delivered directly to your door. You don’t even have to leave your home and spend time on shopping or think about how to arrange transport. In one order you can also receive doors for your kitchen or other products.

Quick renovation

If you are one of the busy people, you will certainly like the option of replacing only doors and side panels in your IKEA Besta sideboard. Their dismanteling and assembly is extremely easy and saves a lot of time. Maybe you will be tempted and do the same quick renovation of kitchen or other rooms in your home?

Unique Besta sideboard

Do you want IKEA Besta sideboard in your home to be unique? There is nothing easier than replacing fronts. We will make doors and side panels to order, which will have a specific design, colour and texture. In the same way, you can also personalize your IKEA kitchen. Create IKEA furniture that every guest in your home will notice instantly.

The same dimensions

We will prepare doors and side panels that will perfectly match the size of your Besta sideboard or your kitchen. All because our fronts suitable for IKEA doors and side panels are measured by IKEA’s original drawings. All you have to do is tell us what type of IKEA kitchen you have.

A wide range of accessories

Want to give your IKEA Besta sideboard an elegant finish with stylish handles or knobs? In our offer you can find interesting designs for every IKEA doors. We also have a collection of kitchen handles and knobs for your IKEA kitchen. Find out how much grace these small elements of furniture will add.

High quality

Our custom made doors and side panels for your IKEA Besta sideboard will last for years. We make them from solid material, which we additionally secure a clear coat. You don’t get worse quality of furniture in exchange for spending less money on refreshing kitchen or living room.

Free tips

Don’t forget that you can refer to our blog, photo gallery and us when looking for inspiration and advice in choosing new fronts for your IKEA Besta sideboard or IKEA kitchen. It is also worth using tools such as IKEA Pax Planner or IKEA Pax wardrobe to efficiently plan your space.

Individualized sideboard

With us you decide how the new doors for your Besta sideboard should look. Are you looking for sophisticated colour scheme? All you have to do is provide NCS, F&B or Jotun colour code so that we can prepare our fronts to replace IKEA doors. We can paint them in the desired colour and use one of 3 gloss types. We can also cover them only with clear coat on top to retain the natural wood colour. There is also an option of staining our doors and treating them with clear coat on top. Any IKEA Besta sideboard can also be upgraded with stylish handles and knobs. We are really proud of the positive reviews of our customers who have modernized their IKEA kitchen or IKEA Besta sideboard using our doors versions.

Besta sideboard delivery

Convenient delivery of Besta sideboard fronts is probably one of the factors that will encourage you to order. We send our doors prepared in Norway, and deliver them to your doors within a maximum of 6-8 weeks. You don’t have to worry about transport safety – we make sure that the goods are securely packed. We only work with a trusted shipping company. The risk of damage of our doors during delivery are quite small. We do our best so our customers can enjoy their updated sideboard and kitchen for long time.

Do you need any assistance with your order or perhaps you have more questions? Feel free to contact us.

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