IKEA fronts – now with no limits

The arrangement of the kitchen is quite a challenge. After all, we are talking about one of the most important places in the flat – we spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing and eating meals, so its convenient and pleasant design is very important. Of course, the kitchen should be comfortable, but also good-looking. Nothing spoils the pleasure of preparing meals like an unfriendly and impractical place. And yet it is the kitchen fronts that determine the overall appearance of the kitchen! That’s why it is a key element of the kitchen in terms of its design.

Everybody knows IKEA offers ingenious and really nice solutions for interior furnishings, including kitchens. Smart solutions are IKEA’s trademark, but… it offers quite a limited choice of fronts. Of course, IKEA fronts are nice, but, first of all, they do not have to be all-rounders, and, secondly, they have certain limitations of choice. Anyone who thinks of a unique kitchen can be a little disappointed. And if so, what if you could choose from many different models, materials, and also be able to choose any colour and finish? This would create the possibility of creating a customised kitchen at a reasonable price.

A new dimension of IKEA fronts

Noremax has this all, and even more – it offers a much wider choice of all replacements of all IKEA kitchen door sizes with better quality and freedom of choice. When replacing IKEA kitchen unit doors with Noremax range, the customer may choose the type of used finish (matte, satin or semi-gloss) and any colour (compliant with NCS, Farrow&Ball or Jotun colour codes). All of this gives IKEA customers new opportunities that are not available in the standard IKEA range. With Noremax you can simply replace IKEA fronts with the cabinet doors of your dreams.

Noremax means top quality

In Noremax’ range, there are cabinet doors fully compatible with IKEA fronts made of various materials. You can choose from MDF (Standard), birch plywood, with ash or oak veneer on the outer layer (Nordic+ collection), oak veneered MDF and linoleum (Linoleum collection) to even bamboo (Bamboo+ collection). What is more, Mesh collection offers an MDF frame with a perforated metal centre. They all have their unique advantages.
Offered by Noremax MDF solutions dedicated to IKEA cabinets represent top quality. Thanks to the application of excellent finishes they are well resistant to moisture. Whether it be matte, satin or semi-gloss. On the other bamboo seems to be perfect for the kitchen. It is ecological, very resistant to extreme temperatures, and also looks beautiful.

For all Scandinavian style and design lovers, Nordic+ doors are the ideal replacement for regular IKEA fronts. This collection represents the face of the soul of the Scandinavian sense of taste. You can always equip your IKEA cabinets with Mesh collection fronts. They represent a unique design perfectly corresponding with IKEA style and philosophy. Noremax offers IKEA fronts in many different variants – modern, classic, industrial, nature-friendly and handleless solutions.

The choice available is extremely competitive and everyone should find something for themselves. Let us just add that every owner of Faktum IKEA fronts will find among Noremax offer assortment for his needs (seven Standard collection doors models).

IKEA fronts with brand new handles? Here we go!

Beside nearly unlimited Noremax’ doors offer, the company provide all customers with a wide range of knob and handles. Let’s just say that Noremax has more than twenty different models made of various materials (wood, leather, metals). Some of them are available in diverse colour variants. To sum up, Noremax’ knobs and handles stand out as a powerful value-add.

Quality need care

If you even decide to purchase top-class quality IKEA replacement kitchen doors like Noremax, you should keep in mind that key to maintaining a beautiful and good-looking kitchen is taking care of worktops and fronts. During cooking, a kitchen is a place particularly vulnerable to all kinds of mess, steam, grease stains and high temperatures. Negligence in cleaning will quickly ruin even the highest quality equipment. That is why we should think about the kitchen more widely – it is not only a set of furniture and appliances, it is, above all, a workplace that must be properly prepared. Good ventilation is essential. To protect kitchen fronts, it is advisable to turn on the cooker hood when cooking and avoid prolonged exposure to steam on furniture. Excessive contact with moisture can cause faster wearing of the furniture. It is therefore a good idea to get into the habit of frequently ventilating your kitchen. Besides, you should always clean up on an ongoing basis. The longer a given stain remains on the surface of a worktop or front, the more it can damage the surface permanently.

But what to choose?

As usual, it depends on preferences and needs. The main advantage of fronts made of MDF is their low price, durability and wide possibility to adjust them to your own aesthetic preferences (e.g. colour and finish). The most durable fronts are certainly made of wood, but their price is not always affordable (you can check IKEA kitchen door sizes here). An interesting, elegant and practical alternative can be already mentioned fronts made of bamboo. For many, on the other hand, linoleum can be an ideal solution. Linoleum is a very ecological material, on the other hand, it fits perfectly into the current vintage fashion. When you’re planning industrial interior mentioned Mesh with perforated metal should fit perfectly. Noremax’ Classic models are perfect to all who prefer timeless design beauty and a more conservative look. Of course, with Noremax you can change it all with choosing the non-obvious colour and finish. Most importantly, the choice is up to you and that is the beauty of Noremax. So, whilst picking up IKEA kitchen cabinets just enter our world of freedom.

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