Your new IKEA kitchen cabinet

Have you ever wondered how much the style of furniture affects the overall perception of the kitchen by the person who stays in it? It may seem to you that only the colours of the furniture are crucial. Light furniture visually enlarges the space, while dark furniture creates an intriguing atmosphere. This is true, but you must know that the texture of the furniture and its design also has a big impact. So there is one conclusion – the front of the IKEA kitchen cabinet is considered as attractive or less attractive and it decides about the character of the furniture. In the case of kitchen furniture, their functionality and ease of use are also greatly important. If you are used to using your current IKEA kitchen cabinets, but their condition is no longer in the best shape or your current kitchen cabinets from IKEA just became boring for you, you do not have to buy new furniture. We have the perfect solution for you, thanks to which you can save time and money, but the effects of refurbishment will not be worse at all.

Easy refurbishment – IKEA replacement kitchen doors

IKEA replacement kitchen doors are a way to easily and quickly refurbishment of furniture in the kitchen. You can choose from a wide range of replacements for the current IKEA kitchen cabinet fronts, which differ in texture, patterns, and colours. Just remove the old fronts and replace them with new fronts for IKEA kitchen cabinet, available in our collection and your kitchen furniture will gain a new charm. You don’t have to take everything out of the cupboards, mess up the kitchen, and put it out of service for at least a few hours. You also will not have the trouble with transporting new furniture from a local store. Each of our replacements is a product perfectly matching the dimension of the original front. We have fronts dedicated to both the METOD furniture system and the FAKTUM system which has been discontinued. All you have to do is choose the fronts you like, order them, and expect a package that will reach your house at a maximum of 6 weeks from the date of ordering and payment. If your current IKEA kitchen cabinets also need to replace side panels or handles, we can also help with it. See for yourself that refurbishment of your kitchen does not have to be associated with high costs, cumbersome transport, waste of time, and effort. With our replacements doors for IKEA kitchen, refreshing the appearance of your furniture in the kitchen will be simpler than you think.

IKEA FAKTUM doors replacement

If you are the owner of FAKTUM kitchen, you probably know that since 2013 this kitchen system is no longer produced. However, you have no reason to worry or to replace your kitchen cabinets with the new METOD system. We offer a collection of fronts that will perfectly replace the current IKEA FAKTUM doors. Thanks to this, you can keep your current furniture, replacing only those elements where the signs of wear are visible and which are the main presentation of the furniture’s beauty. We encourage you to get to know our IKEA FAKTUM replacement doors series, among which you will find both classic designs (for example Basic range) and more sophisticated designs (Circle line, Ontime range, Elegance range, and more). Among such a wide range of fronts for IKEA kitchen cabinets, the choice may not be easy. However, thanks to them it is much simpler to replace old furniture because you do not have to change everything. If you like your old furniture or simply get used to it and don’t want to change it, our products give you that opportunity. If your FAKTUM furniture is at least 7 years old or older and they need a little refreshment, will gladly help you.

Not only IKEA kitchen unit doors

IKEA kitchen unit doors are the central, most visible piece of furniture. Fronts for IKEA kitchen cabinets significantly affect kitchen refurbishment, because they are the main presentation of furniture and they have the most visible signs of furniture wear on their surface. However, don’t forget that we can also offer you side panels and a really large range of kitchen handles. Choose a good visual combination of knobs and handles with fronts to create furniture with a unique character that you will not find in any other kitchen. If you belong to the group of individualists, you will definitely like this option. Do you like handles that pay attention at a glance? Or maybe you prefer IKEA handle that will blend in with the overall look of the furniture, becoming virtually unnoticeable? Choose handles that will be comfortable and stylish – the choice is really wide!

IKEA kitchen inspiration

Do you need IKEA’s kitchen inspiration? You will find it in our blog, where we explain how to choose IKEA kitchen cabinets for the rest of the kitchen decor. If you’re just arranging your kitchen, you can also use tools such as IKEA kitchen planner. Thanks to it, you can create a visualization and see how individual types of IKEA kitchen cabinets will look in your kitchen. Remember that from us you can order fronts with different parameters such as pattern, colour, or texture. If you need a consultation with someone who will advise you what IKEA replacement kitchen doors to choose for your kitchen, remember to contact our experts. We are well aware that choosing a front that cannot be seen physically can be difficult, and the additional matching of the type of handle to it can be a challenge. That’s why we’ll be happy to give you free advice so that you don’t have to worry about making the right choice.

Replacing fronts in your IKEA cabinets is a solution that your kitchen can only gain. It is worth creating a kitchen of your dreams in which you will be happy to spend time (you can check IKEA kitchen door sizes here). Order IKEA replacement doors today to enjoy your new, better kitchen in a maximum of 6 weeks. If you have questions or need advice, feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone.

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