IKEA kitchen doors replacement

For many of us, the kitchen is the heart of the home where we spend the majority of our time. This is the space in which we cook, it can be also a family dining area or a place to gossip with a friend over tea. Convenience, flexibility, simple design are characteristics people love the most in IKEA furniture solutions, including the kitchen. With IKEA kitchen systems you can easily adjust the whole kitchen layout to your individual needs and habits. But over time, the kitchen may become less attractive, especially when we get bored with the style of its fronts and feel the need to rearrange the room. Remember that an ergonomic kitchen works like a small home production line for food preparation and therefore it may wear out over time. The nature of the activities performed in the kitchen makes furniture more vulnerable to damage from heat, water, steam and even pots or heavy utensils. Regardless of whether you are furnishing your kitchen from scratch or renovating it, Noremax has everything you need to create the tailor-made kitchen of your dreams. Now it’s much easier because you don’t have to remove all units of IKEA cabinets.

At the same time, the design of kitchen fronts has a paramount impact on the final aesthetics of the kitchen. IKEA range of doors is quite narrow and limited and may not suit the rest of your interior. You can be disappointed, especially if you want to transform a standard IKEA kitchen into a tailor-made one with own-designed kitchen doors. The Noremax portfolio definitely stands out with unlimited options of personalization and high-quality design for IKEA kitchen doors replacement to meet the taste and needs of the customers.

Smooth replacement of IKEA kitchen doors with your own-designed doors at Noremax

Noremax offers a completely new design of custom-made kitchen fronts that are completely integrated with IKEA kitchen cabinet doors. Noremax makes it possible to replace IKEA kitchen doors with perfectly matched brand-new fronts what makes your kitchen a unique space where you prepare meals and spend time with friends and family, tailored to your needs and taste. What’s more important the Nordic company offers high-quality design for IKEA kitchen doors without any compromise – the offer is both luxurious and fully customisable. Also, regardless of whether it is the design of your new kitchen or revamping the old one, the process can be both affordable and non-time-consuming – you simple replace IKEA kitchen doors without cabinets.

What’s more, Noremax brand-new kitchen doors fronts have the same parameters as IKEA Metod and Faktum kitchen. Thus, the owners of the Faktum kitchen, which has already been discontinued, can also revamp and revitalize their kitchen and replace IKEA doors with new, stylish design by Noremax. They can choose from seven of the nine Standard collection models. The possibilities of painting in any colour, the texture of the furniture, the type of gloss, the range of knobs and handles are the same as for customers with kitchen doors for IKEA Metod (consists of five collections for IKEA kitchen doors).
Besides, Noremax is using high-quality, designer handles and knobs, perfectly matched with IKEA kitchen doors and fronts replacement designed by Noremax. The handles are a small detail of great importance – replacing them will give the interior a new and fresh look. The Noremax collection of knobs and handles include more than twenty models in different variants, made of different materials (wood, metal, leather). Noremax has an unlimited range of colours for IKEA kitchen door fronts. You can freely choose any colour – from entire Natural Colour System (NCS) or Jotun to Farrow & Ball code. Also, you can choose from three types of finish – matte, satin or semi-gloss finish.

Five exceptional replacements of IKEA kitchen doors

Noremax has five collections of fronts that are suitable for IKEA kitchen doors. Those designs are not available in IKEA. Let’s look at a few designs of IKEA doors replacement that makes Noremax offering a standout.

The Standard collection offers nine models which include smooth, classic fronts (with a distinctive frame also known as shaker style) and handless solutions. The Basic range provides a simple, still refined and contemporary design which is ideal for fans of minimalist style. The Circle design, on the other hand, features a built-in circular handle, gives a touch of elegant class yet ensures the perks of the handless profile.

Noremax comes up with inspiration from IKEA’s Swedish roots in Nordic+ collection (with four models of fronts). The Nordic+ line presents kitchen doors made of birch plywood with oak or ash veneer on the outermost layer, which gives the space perfect natural look. This collection manages to combine the modernity so often demanded in contemporary households with the classic feel of the Nordic natural landscape. Nordic+ gives a simple design that creates a modern interior with a touch of nature.

Another original collection by Noremax is Linoleum. Linoleum, made of natural raw materials, is ecological and hygienic, and at the same time extremely elegant and pleasant to the touch. Its additional, practical advantages are the lack of fingerprints on the door. Linoleum IKEA kitchen doors replacement leave a modern feel in the kitchen while being timeless and durable. The warm and pleasant to the touch, matte linoleum surface often appears in forms inspired by the Bauhaus trend. All this makes Noremax high quality design the perfect solutions for IKEA kitchen doors.

Then, there is a Mesh collection (with three models of kitchen door fronts) that brings texture to the kitchen profile. In the case of the Mesh front, a combination of MDF frame and perforated metal center give an industrial touch to space. The mesh metal part of the surface allows masking the interior of the cabinets and the items stored in them, at the same time is the transparent decorative addition. The extra perks are the durability of its construction, unlike glass kitchen doors.

To sum up, Noremax provides a wide choice of options so you can create the custom-made kitchen you’ve always dreamed of. Timeless, well-thought design and skillfully selected colours, give your kitchen individual touch, yet be fashionable for a long time.

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