IKEA kitchen doors

IKEA offers many practical and smart solutions, hence the unquestionable popularity of its products. Also, for kitchen cabinets, IKEA provides METOD series but prior that they had in offer FAKTUM system. Faktum is not supported by IKEA for the last few years hence consumers won’t be able to find replacement kitchen fronts there. However, Metod system can be matched with one of the several kitchen cabinet doors IKEA offers.

In this simple way, a consumer can easily and variously design the whole kitchen. As time goes by, the doors of the kitchen cabinets can become less attractive or just wear out. Then the kitchen owner faces a dilemma – whether to replace the cabinet fronts with new ones or decide on a different design. However, their choice is very limited, and not to everyone’s taste. Also, IKEA’s collection may not suit the rest of the interior. In such a situation, some may even consider renovating the entire kitchen. Fortunately, this is not necessary, as there are Noremax products on the market that are fully compatible with IKEA cabinets and offer completely new possibilities to give a kitchen a completely new, original, and fresh look.

The same goes for kitchen handles – Noremax has a variety of high-quality designer handles that are also suitable for IKEA products.

Taking advantage of Noremax is also a good solution when planning a new IKEA kitchen. Ideally during planning and ordering from IKEA, add the cabinet doors to your planner which later on can easily be removed from the list. That’s where Noremax come with help in accordance with the client’s taste and preference. After submitting your order with us our products will be delivered right to your door within our standard lead time.
After all, the final look of the kitchen is determined by the kitchen cabinet doors as well as the knobs and handles.

Four collections for Metod, countless possibilities

Noremax’s offer is based on giving customers the greatest possible choice and the ability to design perfect products for kitchen fronts. IKEA kitchen doors are available in different designs and can be painted in any colour. There is also a choice of gloss type (matte, satin, or semi-gloss). Designer knobs and handles can also be matched with the doors. This can totally change the face of any cabinet. In the whole, this gives great opportunities to completely revamp any kitchen! As a result, the customer can get a uniquely looking kitchen, which is actually made to individual order.

Standard Collection – IKEA METOD Kitchen

This is the basic collection in the Noremax kitchen cabinet door portfolio. It features simple and timeless elegance well known for the aesthetics preferred by IKEA. It’s inexpensive but offers many possibilities for different sizes kitchens and configurations. Fronts in the Standard collection will fit bottom and top cabinets and built-in household appliances (dishwashers or fridges).

The Standard collection offers a choice of nine designs of IKEA kitchen doors: Classic Style, Elegance, Instyle, Nordic, Ontime, Classic Max, Classic, Circle, and Basic. They can be personalised in many ways, e.g. with a choice of colour paint, gloss, and material. Here you can choose handless design or standard door which can be dressed up with the handles (push openers system can also be installed). The choice of colour is nearly unlimited – Noremax uses the Natural Colour System (NCS) to offer customers the exact colour match they are looking for. For even greater choice, Noremax also accepts Jotun and Farrow&Ball colour codes. Thanks to all this, customers can easily enjoy the unique and exclusive kitchen cabinet doors that will please the family and guests’ eye.

IKEA kitchen doors Bamboo+ Collection

Just like the Standard Collection, Bamboo+ fronts can be used for all Metod kitchen cabinets, including built-in appliances. The special feature of these product is, of course, the material from which they are made of . Bamboo is highly resistant but also has a unique look and style. The natural, light yellow colour of bamboo will give the kitchen a unique character and spirit – bright, warm and close to the nature.

Keeping the beautiful, natural colour of the bamboo, clear coat is used to cover and protect those fronts. This will just emphasize its beauty and protect the doors from the damage. It is worth mentioning that bamboo is perfect for the kitchen because of its natural resistance. It tolerates both high and low temperatures perfectly, so the hob or fridge doesn’t affect the parameters and visual quality of the bamboo kitchen cabinet doors. Customers who decide to decorate their kitchen with bamboo fronts can choose one of the six models: Basic, Circle, Elegance, Inline, Instyle, and Ontime.

Nordic+ Collection

The Nordic+ Collection focuses on the timeless beauty of wood – ash or oak. These fronts are characterised by vertical veins that give natural structure and variety. If the customer chooses kitchen cabinet doors made of ash, he will get an option to order them painted in any colour and pick the gloss or varnish them or keep just a clear coat.
Oak, however, is not suitable for paint, but definitely defends itself with a beautiful natural colour (in this case only clear varnish is used) or it can be also varnished.

The Nordic+ collection offers four types of kitchen cabinet doors – Basic, Circle, Elegance, and Instyle.

Mesh Collection

Mesh Collection offers three types of fronts: Classic, Classic Max, and Classic Style.
These IKEA kitchen doors are characterized by the fact that its centre, instead of MDF, is made of perforated metal, which is a unique and original decoration that also fits perfectly to industrial and modern interiors. The front frame can be freely painted in any colour. All types of gloss (matte, satin or semi-gloss) will also apply.

Final touch – knobs and handles

Regardless of which design is chosen (excluding handless models), the final appearance is largely determined by the knobs and handles used. Although it is a small element, in practice it has a huge impact – not only practical (whether the cabinet opens comfortably or not) but also esthetical. Noremax offers sundry number of products (loop, gate, bridge, and batman handles) different from what IKEA provides, but fully compatible with the fronts. Noremax knobs and handles can also be successfully installed with IKEA PAX wardrobes, IKEA Besta storages and sideboards.

It doesn’t end on the IKEA kitchen doors

Noremax’s offer is much wider. With modern kitchen cabinets doors that are 100% compatible with IKEA products, customers can also transform their IKEA PAX wardrobe, (here we recommend to use IKEA PAX planner), and IKEA sideboards and storages. It’s a great opportunity to quickly and easily redesign other rooms at home.

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