Kitchen doors for IKEA Metod

The IKEA Method kitchen furniture system favours individual arrangement of the space, regardless of its size. Modules with simple shapes (squares and rectangles) varying in height provide a lot of room for manoeuvre when adjusting their layout to the individual needs and habits of the household members. IKEA is well known for many arrangement options as well as the beauty and simplicity of design. Smart systems implemented by IKEA are appreciated for their flexibility, convenience and functionality all over the world. Apart from the indisputable advantages, IKEA has limitations in terms of patterns and colours of kitchen door fronts. Noremax proves that these do not have to be the case. With Noremax replacements for IKEA kitchen doors, you don’t have to compromise and choose between design and functionality. Besides, by using Noremax tailor-made front doors, the replacement of IKEA kitchen fronts can be both time-saving and affordable. The Nordic company provides comprehensive and high-quality products for IKEA kitchen cabinets.

By combining the advantages and strength of IKEA and Noremax, you can smoothly design the kitchen of your dream. The unlimited range of designs, perfectly matched with IKEA kitchen door fronts proves that Noremax is a customer-oriented company. Noremax addresses its offer to customers who furnish new kitchen from scratch, as well as those who want to reorganize and refresh the kitchen interior.

Besides, Noremax offers brand-new kitchen door fronts which are completely integrated with IKEA Metod and IKEA Faktum kitchen systems. The owners of Faktum, which has already been discontinued, can also revitalize their kitchen with tailored fronts by Noremax. The options of painting in any colour, the texture of the furniture, the type of gloss, knobs and handles are the same as for owns of kitchen doors for IKEA Metod.

Stylish kitchen doors for IKEA Metod – a wide range of extraordinaire textures, colours and materials

The type of fronts determines the nature of kitchen furniture. For example, varnished ones will fit perfectly into a modern interior, and veneered or matt ones for a classic one. In addition to the aesthetics of the fronts, when selecting them, you need to take into account their quality and functionality. The Noremax collection of fronts suitable with kitchen doors for IKEA Metod is made of high-quality materials and finishes of the surface.

Kitchen doors for IKEA Metod from Nordic+ collection are made of birch plywood with oak or ash veneer on the outermost layer, which is solid and natural material with variations in colour, shade and structure. Each front is treated with a Nobel varnish to accent its natural beauty.
Another example of Noremax collection referring to nature is Bamboo+ which is made of compressed Moso bamboo treated with matt clear lacquer. This material is three times as hard as oak wood and with the clear lacquer become essentially maintenance-free. Bamboo fronts can pleasantly diffuse light in the kitchen, as well as emphasize the natural style and warm colours of the interior.

Customers of Noremax have another original option – Linoleum collection. In this case, kitchen doors for IKEA Metod are made of MDF, with linoleum front and oak veneer on the back and edges for the strength and modernised look. The surface of natural material is comfortable to the touch and holds well the colours over time. Customers can choose from twenty colours with a matte finish.

The Mesh collection can bring the perfect modern look. The fronts for IKEA kitchen are made of MDF frame and perforated metal centre. This see-through construction can be an interesting option for those customers who favour decorative and original solutions. The strength of MDF frame and perforated metal mesh centre is also an original alternative for those reluctant to glass doors. Unlike glass ones, you can subtly hide the contents of the cabinets while maintaining their transparent character, without compromising on the strength of the cabinets.

Details such as handles and knobs can emphasize the character of the interior and affect the final result. Noremax has a variety of high-quality designer handles and knobs perfectly fitting to kitchen doors for IKEA Metod. This unique collection includes more than twenty models in different variants, made of different materials (wood, metal, leather).

When choosing the fronts, an important decision is also the finish, which can be matt or glossy. Glossy varnished surfaces are synonymous with modern interiors. They also work well in rooms that require optical magnification. On the other hand, the matte finish, which is more subdued, fits perfectly into a classic interior. Besides, in a kitchen with access to a natural light source, the matte type of fronts can introduce peace and soothe. Both types of finish are suitable for fronts with wood decor and those in colour. Varied and nuanced types of finish obtained with Noremax gives every customer the possibility to accent his or her individual style.

Noremax has an unlimited range of colours and finishes for IKEA kitchen door fronts. You can freely choose any colour – from entire Natural Colour System (NCS) or Jotun and Farrow & Ball code. The customer can also select from three types of finish with different gloss level – matte, satin or semi-gloss finish.

Brand-new kitchen doors for IKEA Metod – designed by you

The Noremax five collections of kitchen door fronts for IKEA Metod made from high-quality materials with stylish and modern design – can meet the expectations of the most demanding client, who wants to express her or his style. Using Noremax design options you can smoothly express yourself to create a unique and coherent home interior, just like a tailor-made garment or an artist who makes a one-of-a-kind piece of work.

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