Kitchen fronts – Noremax for new-old cabinets

Kitchen furniture is particularly vulnerable to damage over time. This is influenced by cooking fumes and the frequency and intensity of use of kitchen equipment. It often happens that after a short period of use, the design of our kitchen no longer corresponds to what we expected at the beginning. The colours fade and the texture changes its appearance and freshness. That’s why a simple but extremely attractive solution comes with Noremax, a leader in finding effective solutions for furniture renovation of IKEA Faktum and IKEA Metod series.

IKEA kitchen furniture – a great way to find your own style

IKEA furniture has been conquering the world of interior design since the 1940s. The company has consistently worked to earn the trust and appreciation of its customers, gaining more and more popularity. With time, IKEA furniture has become a common and recognizable decor of most houses around the world.

There are several important reasons for this. First of all, IKEA furniture is a guarantee of a great price/quality ratio. It also goes without saying, that the brand has already become an independent marker of style. Many of us are captivated by their well-designed interior furniture sets and ideas for home decor. Especially when it comes to interesting IKEA kitchen inspirations.

However, with time, our design tastes may change, and what is more likely, kitchen furniture may lose its freshness because of high usage. That’s why Noremax kitchen fronts come to your aid, helping you to completely change your interior in a simple and functional way!
What’s more, this solution works both with IKEA Faktum and IKEA Metod systems.

Noremax – change the style of your home with little cost and high creativity

Noremax is a simple formula for a completely new look for your kitchen furniture. Instead of having to replace it regularly and incur considerable costs, choose a Noremax solution that not only makes it much more affordable, but also gives you a completely personalized look that fits your preferences – even the most detailed ones!
To meet all of them, we accept orders for colour codes (NCS, Jotun and Farrow&Ball), so you can match the colour very precisely to your unique interiors and decorations. We offer a wide range of kitchen furniture external elements, such as cabinets, worktops, door fronts, drawer fronts, side panels, plinths and décor strips.

In each section you have the possibility to choose from variety of styles, texures, colours and size. The furniture can be adjusted to the individual preferences and space you have in your kitchen.

The high variety of choice and all the adjustments are made so the fronts you replace in your kitchen match your style and decor of the whole interior.

Normax kitchen fronts to revitalize your IKEA Metod furniture

In our IKEA Metod section we have provided you with a wide range of cabinet options. All have been designed to reflect the simplicity and elegance of the Metod system. The leitmotif of this equipment is its universal and timeless design. That is why we have made every effort to make sure that you can further personalize their appearance according to your preferences, while maintaining their aesthetics and minimalism.

Noremax solutions are designed to fit into your kitchen and its unique design. So you can freely choose the colour of your furnishings using NCS, Jotum or Farrow&Ball code – the flexibility and variety of choice is vast! Moreover, we make sure that the dimensions of the kitchen fronts match the interior of the furniture and fittings in the room. We make every effort to ensure that the final effect is in line with your expectations and fits perfectly into the style and aesthetics of your kitchen.

Noremax solution is a perfect tool to refresh your kitchen and bring a new life to IKEA Metod furniture, so you can appreciate its elegance and functionality continuously.

Kitchen fronts to revamp your IKEA Faktum furniture

Noremax has also developed a wide range of kitchen fronts for IKEA Faktum furniture. All of them are individually personalized, depending on whether you want to keep the furniture’s original aesthetics or give it a completely new and unique style.
You can customize your kitchen fronts with a choice of Jutun colour codes. This gives you a wide range of possibilities to transform your IKEA Faktum furniture exactly the way you want it to.

The effect can be further customized depending on whether you want to adjust the size of your furniture to your conditions and expectations. Our cupboards, sideboards and tops can be customized as you wish to achieve the effect you dream of, and that’s unique to the aesthetics you’re looking for. It can also help you save some space and achieve the clever solutions to use the limited kitchen space. All adjustments are performed with regard to the placement of fixture in your kitchen.

In this way, Noremax gives you an affordable solution to experiment with your interiors and develop your creative ideas without having to spend a lot.

Noremax – a simple way to more refined interiors

Our assumption is that the beauty of interior design does not have to be associated with complicated solutions and high costs. We want to spread the idea of personalizing furniture in a simple and funtcional way, which help you achieve the effect you dreamed of. It is a perfect method for you to refresh your interiors with little effort and means, achieving a unique and unrepeatable effect.
Kitchen fronts are just one of the possibilities that Noremax offers. In our range you can also find a wide range of other products for home usage such as storage, shelves and handles.

Check out our solutions and let your own creativity loose! See for yourself that with Noremax fronts you can completely redecorate your home – without any compromise.

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