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the kitchen is where the heart is


Home is where the heart is, or at least that’s how the old saying goes. Here at Noremax, we think it’s time to update this phrase and hone in on what’s actually happening in homes up and down Europe – and across the globe. We believe the saying should really be the kitchen is where the heart is. Not as catchy perhaps, but it certainly seems to strike at the heart of how people have been using their homes in recent years. And thankfully there’s no sign of this trend changing any time soon!

The kitchen has changed with the times we live in. Once upon a time, the kitchen was solely for preparing and eating meals but it has certainly changed. It’s now an all purpose room where everyone muddles in and gets involved. It’s the hub of the home; it’s the place where family life is concentrated and where socialising is the norm. In essence, the kitchen is a room on which we’ve painted a new normal.

If you are looking to transform your kitchen, Noremax is here to help you. We appreciate that many homeowners are overwhelmed by the task of remodelling their kitchen so we are on hand to help you in your quest. Please see below for some of our top tips for people who plan to buy new cabinet fronts for their kitchen through Noremax.


Begin with the design of your kitchen furniture

The search for the design of your dream kitchen should begin at the stage of building a house or renovating and connecting electrical, water supply, sewage or ventilation installations. Thanks to this, the choice of the project will not be limited by, for example, the location of water outlets, electrical sockets or lighting.

At the beginning of the design and development of the floor plans, you should remember that the kitchen is not just a random binding of a series of furniture and appliances, but is made up of modules that must follow a manufacturing logic. If the design is not clear or doesn’t follow certain reasonable building parameters, it can generate conflict between the architect and the furniture manufacturer.

To avoid problems, modulation should be a design condition that way no appliances can be placed incorrectly. The appliances must be fitted into a single module, to avoid placing them between two different modules. For example, you can’t put a dishwasher, an oven or cooktop in between two modules. If this is done, you won’t have anywhere else to place them (since there wouldn’t be support), and that makes installing other elements like plumbing and electrical conduits more difficult.

Obtain your kitchen measurements

To kick start your kitchen planning, it is important to measure the space you have to play with, noting what can and can’t be moved.  Errors made at this stage may not only be very costly, but it could also negatively affect the final design of the project. With this in mind, it is important to record accurate measurements as soon as possible as the size of your kitchen will indicate how much space can be allocated to individual areas.

If you are confident in taking your own measurements, please do so. However, if you’d prefer to get professional help with the planning of your new kitchen, a number of kitchen fitters or carpenters/joiners offer planning services and tools. Once you’ve got these details, you’ll be armed ready to make more decisions about your new upcoming kitchen project.

Ordering Noremax products

The easiest and quickest way of placing your order is to contact our experienced and knowledgeable team here at Noremax. But before you do, we suggest that you obtain a list of products from Ikea. Based on this list you’ll be able to see exactly what sizes of fronts, side panels and plinths you need, and in what amount. Please note: it is important that you inspect and review all details and requirements before placing an order with us as once you’ve placed your order, it will not be possible to edit.

Next, before we are able to process your order, you will need to open an account with us. This will allow you to continue with your order until it is despatched to you.

Throughout your experience with Noremax, please do not hesitate to get in touch. If you have any questions, problems or enquiries, get in touch by email, telephone or via any of our social media platforms. Interested in ordering replacement kitchen cabinet fronts for your Ikea kitchen, or fronts for a custom-made kitchen? Let Noremax bring your vision to life.



Customer satisfaction is important to us. We value your feedback and welcome your comments, photographs and your individual experience with Noremax. If you’d like to share your feedback, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected]

We would love to see photographs of your new Noremax kitchen- share your kitchen with us by sending an email or posting on any one of our social media platforms.




Interested in working with us? Whether you are an architect, interior designer or entrepreneur, if you are interested in collaborating with Noremax, please get in touch. Simply send an email to [email protected]; we look forward to hearing from you!

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