Kitchen handles and knobs – an important element of furniture

Everyone seems to think that the beauty of furniture is in the furniture fronts, but have you ever wondered how important kitchen handles and knobs are for the appearance of your IKEA kitchen? There is no denying that these small elements can often add great charm. Delicate and stylish or carved and large – the types of designs are different, but the most important thing is that they blend in visually well with IKEA doors and are simply comfortable to use. If you are looking right now for new kitchen handles and knobs because those that are currently in your IKEA doors look worn or they are uncomfortable, we can help you with that. We will also help you to match handles with your design, if you just want to change something in your kitchen. Remember, a small detail can change a lot!

Types of kitchen handles and knobs

Are you looking for stylish kitchen handles and knobs for your IKEA kitchen? See recommended models:

  • Batman Handles – are universal handles that will fit into any arrangement and any furniture in the IKEA kitchen. They have been designed with an emphasis on minimalism and functionality.
  • Bridge Handles – they are also handles with a classic design, which are great for IKEA kitchen drawers and cabinets. You can successfully match them to literally any IKEA doors.
  • Gate Handles – handles inspired by knockers of a bygone age can bring a lot of modernity to space. Certainly, they will also be comfortable to use and they are resistant to intensive use.
  • Loop Handles – leather handles, in addition hand-made, guarantee durability and original aesthetics. They will be perfect for those who want to bring the beauty of the past into a modern interior.


Furniture restoration

Kitchen handles and knobs are those elements of furniture in your kitchen that more likely will get damaged due to their frequent use. Chipping of the top coat or darkening of the material where it is touched by hand – these are frequent shortcomings of used handles. If you want your doors to have a better condition, it’s definitely worth replacing these parts.

Furniture modernization

If you think that the furniture in your kitchen needs updating, you don’t have to buy new ones. You can only replace IKEA doors or even kitchen handles and knobs only. These are inconspicuous elements that can introduce elegance and modern design to your kitchen.

In our offer you will find knobs for kitchens as well as for wardrobes and sideboards. You can choose from a wide range of colours, materials, designs and styles of handles, matching the one that best suits your IKEA doors. Tools such as IKEA Pax wardrobe will help you in choosing.

High quality

All of our products are characterized by high quality. We guarantee a material resistant to damage, a layer of glass that additionally protects the handle, improves its aesthetics and facilitates cleaning. Certainly, the new kitchen handles and knobs in your IKEA kitchen will also be comfortable to use.

Easy to clean

By opening the IKEA doors with greasy or dirty hands, you can easily mess up kitchen handles and knobs. If you choose the ones that will have an uncomplicated structure and gloss coating, you can make it easier to clean your kitchen, which you will certainly like.

Free tips

We will be pleased to help you choose the most suitable kitchen handles and knobs for your kitchen. We know well our IKEA doors models perfectly, so we’ll easily propose handles that will be right in visual connection. Together we will give your kitchen a new charm thanks to a slight change!

Kitchen handles and knobs easy to clean

Kitchen handles and knobs are the elements that we touch repeatedly every day. If you store many food products in cupboards, IKEA doors are opened and closed up to several dozen times a day. If you cook, you probably know that work in the kitchen work can be demanding. Sometimes our hands may be wet, greasy or soiled by oddments of food. This makes care for the cleanliness of knobs in your  kitchen difficult. However, you can make it easier by choosing handles with a simple structure and a bloss coating. Any dirt will not easily stick to it, and you will not have to worry about cleaning the nooks and crannies. We are happy to help you choose handle design for your kitchen, which you will not have to spend a lot of time on cleaning the house.

Kitchen handles and knobs with delivery

Kitchen handles and knobs are these elements of your kitchen that are easier and more convenient to buy online. All you need to do is choose the model, and we will deliver them from Norway straight to your door within a maximum of 6 weeks.

You can be sure that the delivery of products for your doors will be timely and secure. Just use IKEA Pax Planner or kitchen planner to plan ideal furniture interior and come back to us for perfect handles or replacement of IKEA doors.

If you have any questions or you need advice in choosing, feel free to contact us.

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