“The ultimate alternative to standard showcase doors”

Mesh kitchen fronts for IKEA

Mesh is part of our exclusive series and available in three of our classic and traditional designs; Classic, Classic Style and Classic Max.

The mesh design consists of the perforated metal materials with very thin wires that complete the center of the classic front with discreet visibility.

Mesh design for IKEA frames
Mesh design for IKEA frames

The design Mesh is excellent if you are looking for glass door replacements. With its exciting and rustic surface, it creates a more edgy style.

The mesh design is made of a metal material that is perforated, which means that there are many small holes at close intervals that create a front with subtle visibility.

Mesh design for IKEA frames
Mesh fronts for IKEA

A practical feature of Mesh is on TV units, where the signals will be transmitted from the remote control to the decoder precisely because of the mesh material that allows it!

The Mesh Classic is made of MDF and retains its 45-degree angle in transition from frame to centre. This front has the centre cut away and replaced with perforated metal. The entire front is painted in any colour from Jotun, NCS or F&B to add a personal touch!

Kitchen Doors - Kitchen Cabinet Doors
Mesh kitchen fronts for IKEA

Mesh Classic Style has a frame made of MDF with a 90-degree angle between frame and centre. Varnishes are available in any colour and can be glossed in semi-gloss, satin or matte.

Mesh Classic Max has a solid wooden frame with perforated metal in the centre. This design can be either stained or have clear lacquer; the metal sprayed lacquer can be in black or white.

When painting a solid colour, the metal is also painted in the same colour!

Mesh design for IKEA frames

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