“With its sleek surfaces and cool colours inspired
by natural landscapes. The name Nordic is self-explanatory;
Scandinavian and minimalist design”

Nordic kitchen fronts for IKEA

The product range is minimalist and neat, and the beautiful extra texture
injects life into the products. The nuances add a soft touch to the room touch.

Do you want another colour shade without compromising on the natural colour structure? You can easily choose a stain colour which adds pigments to the wood.

You will get a piece of furniture that looks vivid and warm, which fits perfectly with the rest of the decor.

Fronts for IKEA wardrobe
Nordic design for IKEA frames


Nordic is a flexible design, allowing you to choose between ash or oak veneer. Not only that, but you can choose from 3 alternative surface treatments!

To keep the wood colour and texture, it can easily be varnished, plus the colour shade can be changed with stains that add pigments into the wood. The last option is fully optional colour that is spray-painted onto the surface, but this is only possible on ash, since oak has very deep veins.


Kitchen Doors - Kitchen Cabinet Doors
Nordic kitchen fronts for IKEA

One of the biggest benefits of this product series is that it can work anywhere, whether you have a lot of space or more intimate room.

In both modern apartments and homes with a more traditional style, the Nordic design is ideal to suit every taste and personal preference; it really shines in any environment.

Fronts for IKEA wardrobe
Nordic fronts for IKEA

NORDIC is available for:

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