PAX wardrobe planner – bring IKEA wardrobe to the next level with Noremax

Many people think that the living room is a place that should be a showcase of the house. This is where we invite guests and here we spend a large part of our free time with family. So let’s make living room’s appearance encourage to do so. If you are the owner of IKEA Besta sideboard, but would like to do a small upgrade in your living room or bedroom, we can help you with that. You don’t have to buy the new IKEA Besta sideboard at all to make a visable change in the room. All you need to do is replace only doors and side panels, which we will prepare according to your requirments. Remember that with us you can change your IKEA kitchen in the same easy way.

Magic of IKEA PAX system

IKEA wardrobes are a versatile and flexible product that, thanks to the possibility of designing and composing own furniture, allows the client to create a wardrobe that perfectly fits into the room and offers virtually unlimited possibilities of arranging shelves, drawers, rails in general, it is super customizable inside. In this case, it’s definitely worth using the IKEA PAX wardrobe planner, which helps to design the entire wardrobe focusing on its inside configuration in the comfort of your home. The system will automatically select all the elements needed to assemble the furniture on your own.

When using the IKEA PAX wardrobe planner, client first selects the frame sizes and their depth and quantity so that the furniture fits perfectly into the available space. It’s an absolute base that will then allow arranging inside to make a piece of furniture that can easily accommodate clothes and accessories.

The next step is to decide how exactly the inside of each frame will be arranged. How many shelves will it contain? How big should the distances between them be? Where and how many drawers do we want to put in? The same with the rails. It is also important to answer whether you want to have pull-out shoe shelves or inserts, lighting, boxes for accessories or pull-out multi-use hangers in your closet. IKEA gives a lot of interesting possibilities here. Normally this kind of planning can really take time, but with IKEA PAX wardrobe planner the whole process is as automated and intuitive as possible.

In addition, the IKEA PAX wardrobe planner is a very convenient tool that ensures that when placing an order, the client will have all the necessary components for self-assembly. But the inside of the wardrobe isn’t everything. It is just as important as how the furniture looks inside as ouside. Of course, for the outside, IKEA also offers a choice of frames or doors. But the few designs available won’t always match the look of the furniture to the rest of the interior in your room exactly as the owner would like it to, which naturally creates some limitations. In this case, simply remove the IKEA doors from the order list and go for Noremax solutions.

The utility of IKEA, the beauty of Noremax

Noremax has a real variety of choices in its offer, allowing the client to change his IKEA wardrobe to look like a completely new piece of furniture. With IKEA PAX wardrobes system in mind, Noremax has developed eleven different door models that can be adapted to meet individual aesthetic preferences.

The Basic model offers delicate and elegant simplicity, which makes it a perfect fit for any interior with its clear design and, if the client wishes so, will allow him to “hide” the wardrobe so that the furniture is not too visible. The Circle model is a modification of the Basic consisting in introducing discrete circular handle. The Nordic model, on the other hand, is an extension of the Basic model with ash veneer cover, thanks to which the door should appeal to everyone who wants to enjoy the beauty of natural wood texture.

Fans of more classic designs can count on Classic doors. There are three types – Classic, Classic Max and Classic Style. They are characterized by a decorative frame (Classic with a 45-degree angle, Classic Style with a 90-degree angle and Classic Max with a bevelled panel and 45-degree angle). What is more Classic Max is made from ash veneer with ash wood frame (Classic and Classic Style are made of MDF).

The more modern door models tailored for IKEA wardrobes in Noremax range are Elegance, Empire, Escape, Moon and Ontime. These are characterized by the use of the bold design in door opening systems. For Elegance, it is a discreet moulded finger pulls placed on the inner central part of the front that also decorates the door itself. A similar but much more delicate solution has been used in the case of Escape, where squares grips are much less eye-catching. On the other hand, Ontime presents an elegant rectangular finger pulls slightly away from the inner edge of the door, which gives the fronts a powerful and official tone.

The Moon model, on the other hand, features an original concave circle on two-door wings, thus creating a non-imposing but very modern and original decoration of the wardrobe door. Therefore, this model is not recommended for single doors, because then the effect of this design cannot be achieved.

An extraordinary model offered by Noremax is the Empire – a luxurious, futuristic design offers a smooth front with well-placed grab bars in the middle surrounded with chic cavities which together gives an amazing and brave effect.

PAX wardrobe planner – power of colour and gloss

All doors offered by Noremax have a unique advantage – they can be painted in any colour (according to NCS, Farrow&Ball or Jotun colour codes). This allows Noremax doors to be freely matched to other furniture in the room or the colour of the walls, and thus either blend in with the background or be a distinctive feature of the interior design. Noremax also allows the client to choose the gloss he wants, with three types of finish available: matte, satin or semi-gloss. In the case of Nordic and Classic Max range, doors can also be treated with clear paint or/and stain only to retain the natural wood colour.

Noremax knobs and handles – a true icing on the cake

In addition to a wide range of wardrobe doors, Noremax also offers original knobs and handles, with which client may decorate them and gain a remarkable finish touch. In total, there are more than 20 different designs – everyone will find the perfect match – from distinctive Batman-type handles to more subtle knobs made of different materials – metal, wood and even leather. Noremax’s wide range of products makes these subtle elements a great addition to any interior design – from elegant and glamorous to industrial, modern or Scandinavian style.

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