Timeless design of plywood kitchen doors

When looking for furniture for the kitchen, it is always worth starting with choosing a style that sets the direction of subsequent arrangement decisions to create a coherent and harmonious interior. When faced with a difficult choice, subdued classics or original modernity, it is worth looking for an arrangement that will be elegant on the one hand and surprise with an innovative accent on the other. The real beauty and style of kitchen furniture are brought out by natural materials that will make the interior warm and cosy at the same time.

When researching design for your natural-looking kitchen, such features as a classic style, beautifully exposed layers, and modern quality make the Nordic+ collection a choice worth considering. The birch plywood kitchen doors (with ash or oak veneer) by Noremax, which includes four models, is made of solid natural material, also features functional design, and stands the test of time.

Perfect blend of top quality with classic and modern design

Inspired by the Scandinavian spirit, Nordic+ design complements with different arrangement styles, and at the same time satisfy individual design tastes without ever feeling outdated. Nordic+ range characteristic beautifully exposed veins and classic quality design. This collection combines the modernity appreciated in contemporary households with the classic feel of the natural Nordic landscape.

The birch plywood with ash or oak veneer allows for strength and superior structure, making it a perfect material for a modern kitchen with a touch of nature. Nordic+ range provides solid properties, as well as its beautiful, natural grain. Moreover, Nordic+ kitchen doors are manufactured in 19 mm thick plywood that can withstand the humid environment in the kitchen. Every kitchen door by Noremax is laminated with durable Akzo Nobel lacquer to ensure their strength, improved moisture resistance and colour protection.

Versatile birch plywood is a popular material for fronts as well as worktops and splashbacks. Outer layer with ash or oak veneer provides visible grains which leave natural wood finish. Nordic+ fronts which are clear coated or stained allow soft brown colour that adds warmth and texture to space.

The beauty of natural structure and a variety of layers

Customized kitchen doors by Noremax offer an infinite number of colours, stains or finishes allowing you to create sophisticated and beautiful designs effortlessly. Birch plywood kitchen doors can be stained (ash and oak) or painted (ash only) to adapt to suit your specific colour theme. Finishing the door with clear varnish will emphasize the appearance of natural wood. You can achieve the natural look of your kitchen at a much more affordable price than in the case of solid wood. Brand-new door replacements for IKEA kitchen by Noremax come in dozens of colours. You can freely choose any colour from the entire Natural Colour System (NCS) or Jotun to Farrow & Ball code. There are available three types of gloss – matte, satin or semi-gloss finish. Ash veneered fronts can be painted in the desired colour and gloss. On the other hand, oak ones, due to large, deep pores and veins, are not suitable for colour coating. To retain the natural wood colour ash and oak veneered fronts can be laminated only with clear lacquer. Besides, they can be stained and treated with clear lacquer on top as well. The strong decorative feature of a birch plywood kitchen doors by Noremax is a beautiful natural grain of oak and ash veneer. Colour and hue differences apply especially to fronts that are only clear or stained.

To customize the space exactly to your needs and taste Nordic+ range can be flawlessly combined with other designs by Noremax. By combining natural-looking birch plywood fronts next to surfaces painted in the distinctive colour you give a modern twist to space. On the other hand, the warmth of natural plywood of upper cabinets provides perfect texture to contrast with coloured bottom ones of Linoleum Circle or Exit series (with recessed handles profile), for example. Surely, the kitchen cabinet doors from clear coated birch plywood with ash or oak veneered can bring warmth, texture and character to the final layout.

Natural handless plywood kitchen doors – elegance and stylish

Nordic+ gives a sleek design that creates a modern space with a touch of nature what is another one of the secrets to their timeless look. Due to a clean profile without handless protruding from the front of kitchen cabinets achieving a design you’ll love for years to come.
The handless kitchen design, which creates an aesthetic and effective pattern, is fancied particularly by customers who prefer the classic and contemporary style. Moreover, the absence of handles leaves unfussy profile style of kitchen cabinet what allows fully expose the beautiful and unique structure of natural material of fronts (birch plywood with ash or oak veneer). These are among many characteristics which make Nordic+ collection outstands.

Nordic+ Circle range features a milled circle-shaped handle in the upper/bottom corner of the kitchen front doors. The Elegance collection, on the other hand, features rectangular-shaped milling on the top of the front. Another type of handless profile has Instyle series which outstands horizontal milling at the upper edge of the kitchen front what ensures its sleek and effortless look. To sum up, handless solutions perfectly emphasize the style of the furniture, creating an aesthetic and effective pattern.

Although, if you rather prefer kitchen cabinet handles, the Nordic+ Basic range, with a clean profile, should satisfy your needs perfectly. You can choose from Noremax four collections of knobs and handles which include more than twenty models in different variants, made of different materials (wood, metal, leather).

The classic and elegant design, beautiful and natural grain make Nordic+ plywood doors a popular replacement of IKEA kitchen. The bespoke doors are completely integrated with IKEA Metod cabinet fronts, which ensures they fit perfectly onto your kitchen carcass. Also, Noremax makes it easy to upgrade IKEA alternative PAX doors.

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