Our full range of handles can update your IKEA Faktum Kitchen, IKEA Metod Kitchen or any PAX or Besta storage solution. Choose handles that put the finishing touches on your Noremax cabinet fronts:

Batman Handles

Crafted with elegance and inspired by industrial design, our Batman handles minimalist sophistication makes them perfect in any setting – from home use to studio work, or for adding some class to your everyday office.

The Batman Handles benefit from texturing to the handles to make them feel as good as they look. They have been designed to feature a knurled design aesthetic, raising the handles away from nearby surfaces and applying a texture that is easy to grip for ease of access.

The Batman handles come in black and antique bronze – the classic options can merge into your existing interior or create a clean, functional statement. These handles also work exceptionally well when paired with our Helios designs, which complement the raised textures and ergonomically designed grip that are such a central part of the handles’ timeless design.

Bridge Handles

Combining simplicity and eye-catching style, our statement Bridge handles emulate classic design whilst adding a little something extra. Built to be functional and stylish, the Bridge handles work best when added to drawers or cabinets where the chosen wood or material is still visible; the handles work in contrast with the existing material and stand out as a powerful value-add.

For those looking to renovate an existing product or provide some punch to a new item, the Bridge is a safe, striking choice for offices, homes, and studios. Available in polished brass, copper, and matte black, these handles can easily be part of any aesthetic – marrying style, functionality, and flexibility in one affordable item. The bridge handles add a luxe update or finish to any storage system.

Gate Handles

Inspired by the knockers of a bygone age, our Gate handles combine playful functionality with stylish confidence. This takes the form of a rounded loop attached to a secure fastening with rounded edges – making it comfortable to the touch and resilient to heavy use.

While this may pay homage to the handles of the past, this design prizes modernity above anything else. Available in chrome or burnished steel, these handles can comfortably fit within any aesthetic from the hyper-modern to rustic realism, to retro chic.

This works for any choice of cabinet, cupboard, storage units or any other types of unique unit – our team are more than happy to advise you on how best to install your chosen type of gate handles. Timeless, tempered and interesting, our ring design brings the past into your current palette – proving that some design decisions never truly go out of style.

Loop Handles

Combining craftsmanship and a utility, our Loop handles are made from high-quality Tärnsjö Garveri leather that can transport your room to times past with just a touch. These are all hand-crafted to combine durability and an enduring aesthetic– resulting in a long-lasting, visually pleasing end-product.

Blending usability with a polished touch, these handles are perfect for those looking to bring the beauty of the past into a modern interior. Loop handles work as a fantastic complement to our slightly slimmer Maraton handles, that take up slightly less vertical space than the Loop – letting you keep your leather even if it doesn’t quite match the space you have to hand.

Available in either black or brown with your choice of unique finish, the Loop design works with any number of projects. The Loop handles give you the option to customise the overall look as you can select the hardware, available in matte black or polished brass, copper, and chrome.

For more information on handles that we offer as well as the best design to perfectly compliment your cabinet front, get in contact with us today to find out more!

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