Quality kitchen doors in durable HDF for Metod

Although Ikea kitchens are well appreciated all over the world, after a while the fronts may no longer meet our requirements. After some time, it´s normal to feel the urge to change the style and appearance of our home design. What better solution is there for a kitchen upgrade than this one, where you get to keep the IKEA kitchen carcasses and changing the look, simply by replacing the fronts with quality kitchen doors in durable HDF.

Not only will you save yourself a lot of time spent on organizing and planning a totally new kitchen plan, but you will also find an environment friendly way of thinking, simply by re-using a perfectly fine kitchen and only replacing the kitchen fronts that are in need of an upgrade. A great advantage worth mentioning, is that the quality kitchen doors in durable HDF are produced just as IKEA fronts to secure an easy installation. The sizes of the doors and drawer fronts are identical to IKEA with holes for hinges to secure the effective installation. You simply use the same hinges as IKEA to attach the fronts to the carcasses.

Finally, our solution lets you customise the size and style of the quality kitchen doors in HDF. In this way, you can create a kitchen that represents your taste in every way and is adapted to your lifestyle. Start creating your project with us today!

What are the advantages of quality kitchen doors in HDF?

High-density fiberboard (HDF) also known as hardboard, is perfect for kitchens as it´s very durable and hard-wearing. Although HDF is not waterproof, it is indeed moisture resistant which obviously is beneficial in the cooking and washing zones of the kitchen.

Another very well appreciated advantage, is that HDF fronts are naturally more resistant to finger marks. Let´s be frank! We can all find more fun things to do with our time than having to constantly go over the kitchen fronts with the cloth, to wipe off greasy finger marks.

Which styles to choose for your IKEA kitchen?

“Less is more” is the ground rule for a minimalistic Interior.
Clean lines and uncluttered simplicity are key. Noremax HDF Basic is a beautifully good option to achieve this style. HDF Basic fronts are versatile the perfect solution for a modern and easy assembled kitchen. The palette is mostly monochromatic and colour is used as accent. With lots of light to lit up your quality kitchen doors in HDF, this will create an inviting and timeless space.

An urban look with an edge, industrial is characterised by raw textures, exposed elements and details in stainless steel. Think of classic warehouse apartments in New York with stripped timber floorboards or concrete floors, exposed brick walls and hard-wearing materials. Black HDF fronts are spot on for this type of industrial interior. Choose Basic design if you want to add handles like Batman, Helios or Tire.

Contemporary design doesn´t refer to any specific time period and is constantly evolving due to the availability of new materials and structures. Quality kitchen doors in HDF are part of this contemporary way of thinking and can be customized to fit your preferences and lifestyle. Clean and smooth geometric shapes are the essence of Contemporary design, why HDF Exit or HDF Ontime are particularly good options, also because no physical handles are needed as the design has a perfectly shaped grip integrated in the front.

Quality kitchen doors in HDF are equally beautiful and sleek but above all is the outstanding functionality which lets you completely transform your IKEA kitchen without spending too much money or your precious time. Noremax makes it easy to upgrade IKEA alternative Metod doors.

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