When looking into the perfect design for a kitchen it is easy to get lost in the overall design whilst forgetting what materials are being used for the perfect kitchen cabinet. At Noremax we have created the perfect sustainable kitchen fronts that are perfect for ay kitchen and are the perfect addition to the metod kitchen range that we have available here. Whether you opt for the Linoleum basic range or you opt for the circle range, this can make for the perfect modern kitchen is a space of any size.

Customise Sustainable Kitchen Fronts

The natural material is not only an environmentally friendly option, but it also has a surface that is comfortable to the touch and holds well the colours over time. This is an aesthetically pleasing design that is made up of Oak veneered MDF and linoleum for a 20mm thickness for the ultimate sustainable kitchen fronts for your newly designed kitchen. These fully designed metod kitchen cabinets are the perfect cabinet that you need for a fully sustainable kitchen as a result. Each of our sustainable kitchen fronts is available in only a matte option for the ultimate sleek look.

Our Linoleum Circle fronts have aesthetically and practically designed circular grips meaning that you will not even need to consider the handles to add to the kitchen fronts. This can not only help to improve the overall look of the kitchen as it provides you with streamlined sustainable kitchen fronts to make the perfect modern look for your home.

Alternatively, our Linoleum Basic sustainable kitchen fronts can make for the perfect kitchen front with the ability to add handles. Whether you opt for the BOA handles or Ball Door Handles, this can make your kitchen completely customisable and make the perfect environment for you to cook in. Regardless of the size of the kitchen that you have, the team at Noremax can help you to generate sustainable kitchen fronts that fit perfectly. Whether you are after a set of cupboard fronts for your wall cabinets or your cabinets on the floor, we have numerous options for you to choose from that we are sure you will love.

Reliable and Sustainable Kitchen Fronts

Still unsure about which of our sustainable kitchen fronts are ideal for your kitchen? Why not get in contact with us. We are on hand to tell you everything you need to know about our sustainable kitchen fronts and the sizing’s that are right for your kitchen. Ordering your sustainable kitchen fronts could not be any easier. Simply choose the cabinets that you want with your chosen finish and order them directly from us. Each of the fronts that we have in our range can be ordered with ease and will have it with you within 6 weeks. We will provide you with everything you need upon delivery, allowing you to install your cabinets with ease in just a few simple steps.

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