A modern knob in an industrial style, the Helios handle features raised geometric tooled grooves to provide an added dimension to the handle. It also works well when used in combination of the Batman series which has the same raised textured patterns in parts of the grip area.

Dimensions: 60 mm in length, 15 mm in width, and 37 mm in depth.

    • 25 €

Helios+ handle

Furniture handles are a detail, that often is overlooked and underestimated. Yet, they can radically change the ambience of a room. That is why at Noremax, we have a wide range of universal and attractive handles that will not only increase the aesthetic value of your furniture but also its functionality.

Industrial touch to your interior

Our Helios+ knob, disguised in a contemporary and industrial style, makes the perfect statement in a kitchen as well as a bedroom design. Helios+ handle is an extended version of the Helios handle. Helios+ handle features an additional element which can enhance the contrast between the knob and the colour of the furniture.

The Helios+ handle is available in black, a timeless and elegant colour that is easy to match. The small handle is a simple but effective way of transforming a room into a stylish and elegant interior. The design of the Helio+ handle makes a great contrast against industrial styles and complements the design in the most delicate way. Add some glam and the interior will receive a rebellious and interesting aesthetic that will make your visitor go wild. What is more, it features an additional dimension in the form of a ragged texture which makes the design even more interesting and user-friendly.

It is 60 mm long, 15 mm wide, and 37 mm deep, therefore this is an ideal size that ensure easy use suitable to open and close sideboard fronts, drawers and kitchen cabinets.

Introduce Helios+ to your space

We are all aware that choosing the right handle can be a daunting task. In addition to the design (it must match the interior), it must be practical and comfortable to use. Helios + handle placed on rustic wooden furniture will be a great complement to the interior. However, it’s made the most justice in a modern, industrial interior. As for the convenience of use, the knob has a perfect size and excellent design that considers the comfort of the grip.

So, if you would like to enhance your modern interior, Helios + handle will be a great choice. Its installation is quick and easy. You can easily change the interior of your kitchen or room in a few minutes, tops!

We have many years of experience in helping homeowners find the perfect cabinet fronts and handles. That’s why you can trust us. Our selection includes high-quality products at competitive prices so that everyone can afford to renew their interior even on a budget. Noremax also provides a principles of care guide that will help you give the handles a clean and beautiful appearance even after a few years of use. We know that this is a furniture accessory that is used several times a day and that attracts dirt. So, we hope you will find our guidelines helpful.
Let’s stay in touch. Our friendly team at Noremax offers their expertise in answering all your questions. So, if you would like to know more about our handles, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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