Prince Max


PRINCE MAX in gold is mounted over the edge of the front from the inside. With the appearance of a clip that embraces softly around the front.

Dimensions: 120 mm in width, 39 mm in depth, 12 mm in height, The space between the two required holes is 80mm

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Polished Brass Cabinet Handles

If the traditional door handle isn’t for you or won’t work seamlessly with the design of your kitchen space, then the Prince Max handle is ideal. This clip-style means that it’s mounted on the edge of the front of your drawer or cupboard from the inside. These polished brass cabinet handles are particularly beneficial for doors that slide open, including drawers and cabinets. The size of the handle, 12mm in height, 39mm in depth and 120mm in width, means that it is easy to close and open, even if you have cooking utensils or food shopping in your other hand. Our Prince Max handle range is available in both brass and black matte, allowing every property owner to choose the finish that they prefer, but that also works flawlessly with the rest of the interior design.

These polished brass cabinet handles are versatile, which means that they can be used in a variety of different rooms around the house. What’s more, the durability of the polished brass cabinet handles enables home owners to use the handle time and time again, without worrying that it will snap or break. Despite being sturdy, the Prince Max handle produce an alluring and delicate aesthetic, so they work well in different properties, whether they are traditional or modern. Regardless of whether you have a metod kitchen or faktum kitchen, the Prince Max handle will offer the room the perfect finish. If you are revamping your kitchen or interior design, this is a beautiful handle to add that will add a refreshed appearance to the older space.

Prince Max Polished Brass Cabinet Handles

The brass and black matte finishes for the Prince Max handle both deliver a stylish and sleek look, which can be applied to all drawers, doors and cabinets. The eye-catching fascinating design of the Prince Max polished brass cabinet handles boast a simple and classic design, yet with a modern twist to it. It doesn’t matter if you have an office, house, bungalow, apartment or studio that you want to redesign or freshen-up, this striking door handle is sure to turn heads, but also work with the rest of your interior. The Prince Max polished brass cabinet handles also compliment drawers and cupboards, so you don’t have to design the rest of the room around the Prince Max handle, as it will just fit in with your existing interior.

As well as being versatile, these door handles can also be cleaned easily, so you can maintain a tidy and seamless kitchen space. With the help of our principles of care that you can follow, you can uphold your door handles for longer, without having to replace them. Washing the handles is easy; simply use a mild soap with water. Once cleaned, you must let the handles dry, as this will help to avoid any rusting or discolouration from occurring. You may need to utilise polishing products over time as some brass products can begin to show signs of patina; thin layer forming on the handle from age, oxidation and wear. You can get in touch with our team if you would like to find out more about our Prince Max handle or any of the other products in our range.

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