QVIST is a T-shaped knob with a Nordic feel. Made in clear lacquered oak. Mounted with screw from the back of the front.

Diameter 33 mm, depth 28 mm.

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    • 17 €
    • 17 €

T Shaped Handle

Regardless of the style of kitchen you have, this T shaped handle will fit seamlessly, adding that finishing touch you have been looking for. Available in both clear lacquered oak and black lacquered oak, the T shaped handle works well with any colour scheme in the interior of your property. Additionally, as the Qvist handle is made out of oak, you can rest assured that it will last the test of time, due to its durability and longevity. With the different colours, you can add the T shaped handle into any room, as you colour coordinate them to the existing furniture.

With a width of 33mm and a depth of 28mm, these handles fit subtly into your living space, but are also suitable for all sized hands to use to open and close doors. Mounted with a screw from the back, this T shaped handle is easy to fit onto any drawer of cupboard, so you can complete your interior design in no time!

At Noremax, we have kept the price of the Qvist T shaped handle affordable, without compromising on quality. Therefore, you can fit your kitchen and living space with the Qvist T shaped handle for a continuous finish that is in line with the theme, and not have to break the bank or settle for anything less than perfection with any handle type.

Qvist T Shaped Handle

Ideal for a stylish and modern interior design, the Qvist T shaped handle is simple yet effective. As it is made from oak, the Qvist handle is long lasting, meaning that you won’t have to replace it any time soon. Additionally, oak complements other furniture in the room, emphasising key objects.

As the Qvist T shaped handle is made from oak, this dense material is renowned for being energy efficient. Additionally, due to the material not being treated with harsh chemicals, you can be sure that these Qvist handles environmentally friendly too!

With our range of handles at Noremax, you can redesign your living space and kitchen completely, down to the handle! Our Qvist t shaped handle works perfectly with IKEA Method and IKEA Faktum kitchen styles, meaning that you can add new fronts and handles to your kitchen for perfect finish. We understand the importance of finding the perfect handle, which is why we have an extensive range for you to choose from, so you can the handle that ticks all the boxes. With years of experience, at Noremax we only stock and sell the best of the best, so you can rest assured that your kitchen or living space is made from premium materials For more information about our Qvist T shaped handle or our beautiful handle range, contact our friendly and expert team. We can advise you on the best handle to suit your kitchen or loving space. Additionally, browse our blogs to get inspiration for revamping your kitchen space or keeping up to date with the latest trends.

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