Rest Max


REST MAX is the handle RESTS big brother. The design is designed according to the same principles but has a longer grip that generates a little more attention. The design fits both the industrial and the minimalist style. The brushed aluminum gives a feeling of rawness, while the thin narrow grip does not take over and lets the furniture speak for itself.

The handle is screwed on from the back and allows the design to blend into the furniture. The design means that the product harmonizes very well with different types of interior styles.

The design is available in white, black and brushed chrome.

The handle has c / c: 128 mm. Length 200 mm, width 17 mm, depth 36 mm.

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Rest Max handle

Sometimes it is difficult to imagine the perfect piece of furniture without functional elements, such as furniture handles. It is the handle for the cabinets, drawers or sideboard that gives the furniture the right character and makes it unique. Noremax selection allows you to choose a furniture handle in almost any style and colour, made of various materials.

A perfect furniture handle

The Rest Max handle is similar to Prince Max handle, except that it is longer and narrower. If you are tired of traditional handles and would like to bring a bit of modernity to your kitchen, the Rest Max handle is a perfect choice. It will prove to be a particularly excellent solution for drawers due to its length.

Due to its size 200 mm long, 17 mm wide, 36 mm deep, the Rest Max handle makes it easy, and above all, convenient to open and close cabinets and drawers. The handle is available in three colour options – matt black, white matt and a stainless-steel look. Thanks to the different options of finishes, the Rest Max handle can be matched to any furniture and any room.

Rest Max is a very universal handle that successfully completes the style of any room – a kitchen, living room, office or bedroom. It is also worth mentioning that it works wonders in rooms decorated in a modern, industrial or minimalist style. No matter in which room and in what style it will be arranged, the Rest Max handle adds a fresh look and beautiful character to the interior. Furthermore, Rest Mas is a high-quality product that will serve you for many years. So, if you decide to replace your current handles with the Rest Max handle today, you will be able to enjoy the original and durable design for many years to come.

Why is it worth trusting us and choosing Rest Max?

The answer to this question is very simple. Noremax focus is in the needs and wants of our clients. All of our products are carefully designed and selected with attention to details. We want our products to be current and up to trends as well as timeless and enjoyable for years forward.
We keep our products at competitive prices so that everyone is able to create the interior of their dreams. We have also prepared a principles of care guide to help our clients to maintain the products they purchase with us, to ensure a long and healthy life of both handles and fronts.
With our handles, including the Rest Max handle, you can quickly change the appearance of an entire room, without major renovation messes and costs. The installation of our handles is very simple and requires no specialist knowledge. When it comes to the Rest Max furniture handle, it is enough to know that the distance between the mounting holes is 128 mm wide. Then you can simply screw the handle into position from the back of the front to make sure that it will blend in perfectly and seamlessly with the furniture.

If you require further assistance of have questions regarding our products, concept or anything else – do not hesitate to reach out to our knowledgeable and service-minded team. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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