Linen Cabinet


The Linen Cabinet can be placed on top of the Linen wardrobe carcass to utilize the ceiling height. The Cabinet can also be used alone as a separate storage unit, a bench or perhaps as a bedside table. It is available in several heights and can be used both with and without a plinth or hung on the wall. The products in the Linen closet system have a natural and exclusive look with a durable laminate surface that resembles linen fabric. You can also give the cabinets an extra boost by supplementing with LED spots. In addition, all our PAX wardrobe doors fit the Linen collection, so you can easily create the perfect wardrobe or storage unit for your home.

Plan your wardrobe

Interior organizers: To be added according to your own choices. Comes in the same material and color as the cabinet.
Material: Laminate with linen surface structure, core of FSC certified chipboards with triple structure
Colour: Choose between Grey, Anthracite, Beige and Brown
Gloss: Matte
Production time: approx. 7 weeks + delivery time
Delivered with hinges: No – check here
Fronts: Delivered without fronts, but all our wardrobe doors fit.
Images shown are visualizations with different light conditions. We recommend ordering a colour sample to see how the colour will look in your home. The images illustrate interior organizers in a random width.

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    Width x depth x height
    • 193 €
    • 212 €
    • 230 €
    • 212 €
    • 230 €
    • 249 €
    • 230 €
    • 247 €
    • 259 €
    • 215 €
    • 236 €
    • 256 €
    • 236 €
    • 256 €
    • 277 €
    • 256 €
    • 277 €
    • 297 €

    Linen Modul

    Width x depth x height
    • 42 €
    • 47 €
    • 45 €
    • 55 €
    • 62 €
    • 67 €

    Plinth with a height of 7 cm that fits the cabinet and is used to place under the module to raise it slightly from the floor. The plinth has the same height as the plinth of the wardrobe carcass. Comes in complete sets to cover 4 sides, and is made from the same durable material and color as the cabinet. If you want a plinth in the same color as the fronts, choose a plinth together with the cabinet fronts.

    Width x depth x height
    • 11 €
    • 48 €
    • 13 €
    • 51 €
    • 16 €
    • 53 €
    • 13 €
    • 51 €
    • 18 €
    • 53 €
    • 23 €
    • 60 €

    Organize your storage unit with our selection of shelves. The normal shelves comes in the same material and colour as the carcass. Glass shelves adds a little extra and an exclusive feel to the cabinet.

    Tick the desired color. Color choice applies to both the cabinet and interior organizers in Linen material.

    By supplementing with lighting you can give the wardrobe an even more a luxurious feel.
    Lighting products can also be purchased separately.

    • 65 €


    Polar LED Spot is a surface mounted point lighting for installation in the top of the carcass/cabinet or on the underside of shelves. The spot has a frame in brushed aluminium. With optical glass and no visible LEDs, it provides even lighting. Thickness of only 5 mm. Easy to assemble and fasten with included wood screws. Requires 5W per spot.

    • 95 €
    • 175 €
    • 50 €
    • 90 €
    • 120 €
    • 197 €
    • 8 €
    • 50 €
    • 54 €

    Lighting products require a converter. The lighting is watt-controlled and which converter you should choose depends on the amount of lighting and the choice of switch/dimmer. If you want to have a dimmer on the wall (primary side), a LED converter TRIAC must be used. If a dimmer or sensor from Noremax is to be used, a non-TRIAC LED converter must be used. It is recommended to stay 10-15% below the maximum capacity of the converter.

    Dimmer and sensor are mounted on the wardrobe carcass. You can connect several Noremax dimmers and sensors to the same converter.

    Feel free to use our calculator to help you choose a converter, or see more under FAQ.

Make use of the ceiling height with Linen Cabinets

By using our Linen Cabinets on top of Linen wardrobe carcasses, you can create a wardrobe that is tailored to your needs, and that makes the most of the ceiling height in your home. The modules are available in heights of 40, 60 and 80 cm, and in the same width and depth as the wardrobe carcass. Noremax also offers doors for the cabinets, in the same design as for the wardrobe carcass.

Make a bench or chest of drawers – a customized storage unit

Although the Cabinets are made to fit perfectly on top of the Linen carcass, they can also be used alone to build a separate piece of storage furniture. If you choose the 40 high cabinets, you can use them as a bench in the hallway. A bench in the hallway is practical, both for storage of shoes and for sitting on when tying shoelaces, and are perfect to have with the hallway wardrobe. Feel free to add a shelf in the module for storage space for more shoes, and to add a plinth so the cabinets are raised from the floor.

By placing several cabinets on top of each other, you can create a custom shelf of wall storage unit for the bedroom or hallway. If you want fronts for the customized storage unit, choose from our large selection of wardrobe doors.

Linen closet system

The Linen closet system is a durable and flexible wardrobe solution with many options, to give you the opportunity to create a customized storage system for your home. Choose from wardrobe carcasses, cabinets and interior organizers in several sizes to adapt to your needs and wishes. The wardrobe system has a laminate surface that resembles linen fabric. This means that you get a wardrobe that has both a hard-wearing surface and a modern and natural look. The fabric-looking surface also makes the Linen closet system perfect as an exclusive walk-in wardrobe! The wardrobe carcasses can also be used to expand your existing IKEA PAX wardrobe, and all our PAX wardrobe doors are suitable. In addition to the beautiful surface, you can lift the wardrobe to another level with lighting, either with an integrated vertical LED-strip or with surface mounted LED spotlights.

Draw your wardrobe with our planner

In our wardrobe planner, you can easily plan your new wardrobe solution. Put together wardrobe carcasses and cabinets in the sizes you want and choose interior organizers to create a practical and organized wardrobe that suits your needs. Insert drawers, hangers, shelves and see what your wardrobe will look like. You can also choose to include lighting with integrated LED-strips or surface mounted spotlights.

If you want doors for your wardrobe, this can also be done in the planner. Choose from our many designs and colours, both with and without integrated handles, to make the wardrobe suit your interior style and your home.

When you have finished planning, the planner provides a practical and comprehensive list showing all the products you have selected, so that you can easily proceed to the shopping cart at the end.

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