Mesh Classic Style


Mesh – Classic is a new design that puts the finishing touches on the classic kitchen. Like the Classic, the design has a 90º angle in transition between the 7 cm wide frame and the centre of the front. Instead of MDF in the centre itself, there is a perforated metal. A perfect alternative for those who do not like glass doors!

Thickness: 19 mm
Material: MDF and perforated metal with Akzo Nobel lacquer
Handles: No
Delivered with hinges: No
Comes with holes for hinges: Yes
Colour: Available in any colour you choose with no extra charge (provide NCS, Jotun or Farrow&Ball colour code)
Finish: Matte (10 gloss), Satin (20 gloss) or Semi-gloss (40 gloss)
Standard delivery time: 6 weeks

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We sell the fronts, not the frames!

Please note that in order to cover start-up costs, our minimum order is £188 (per colour) and any difference left will be added to the order.

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    Width x Height

    • 191 €
    • 209 €
    • 193 €
    • 216 €
    • 239 €
    • 262 €
    • 284 €
    • 308 €
    • 355 €
    • 377 €
    • 216 €
    • 250 €
    • 285 €
    • 319 €
    • 353 €
    • 388 €
    • 457 €
    • 492 €
    • 183 €
    • 216 €
    • 239 €

    Fronts to Ikea METOD series for:

    ▪️ Base cabinet / Top cabinet
    ▪️ High cabinet
    ▪️ High cabinet for fridge
    ▪️ Dishwasher

    The fronts of our Basic model is suitable for base and top cabinets and fits the right and left hinges.

    If the hinges are on the right, the door is right hung. If the hinges are on the left, the door is left hung.

    Horizontal doors means doors that open in a vertical movement (upwards).

    Width x Height

    • 44 €
    • 50 €
    • 32 €
    • 41 €
    • 48 €
    • 57 €
    • 57 €
    • 61 €
    • 68 €
    • 73 €
    • 84 €
    • 97 €
    • 118 €
    • 145 €
    • 79 €
    • 101 €
    • 87 €
    • 147 €
    • 182 €
    • 199 €

    Fronts to cover panel that fit Ikea METOD series

    Sides are cover panels used on the sides of the cabinet frames. The purpose of the panels is to give the design a comprehensive and coherent expression. It is therefore also natural to choose the same colour on the side panels as on the fronts. The side panels from Noremax are made of 12 mm MDF and are treated with the same durable paint as the front.

    Should you require side panels in sizes not found in the standard selection, it is common practice to order panels one size larger and then cut down to size. The side panels can also be used for other purposes such as shelves and furnishings to name a few.

    Width x Height

    Plinth is available in standard NCS or Jotun colour and in brass colour.

    • 34 €
    • 73 €
    • 53 €
    • 82 €

    Plinth is the cover used to hide the opening between the base cabinet and the floor. The covers are made of 18 mm water resistant MDF and are treated with the same durable paint as for your fronts. The covers come with clips and screws and are available in two lengths (1.2 and 2.4 meters) for on-site customization.

    Width x Height

    • 44 €

    Decor strip is made of MDF with dimensions of 30 x 55 mm and is delivered in standard length of 2.4 meters and cut down to size on the assembly place. The strip is usually used to conceal lighting mounted under the top cabinets. They are supplied in the same durable paint as your fronts.

    Choose gloss finish

    (Semi-gloss - without additional charge, Satin - 5% additional charge, Matte 10% additional charge):

    You can either fill in the colour name / color code in this box OR choose one of the below colours
    NCS code it’s an international Natural Colour System which accurately communicates the colours we see to pinpoint precise colour. Any paint shop in UK will have an NCS index so you can check and choose the colour you like. They can also make a paint sample with your chosen colour. Please check our BLOG for more information.

Mesh Classic Style Cabinet Doors

Our Mesh Classic Style is one of our latest designs to make your kitchen even more exciting without compromising on the classic design! Like the Classic Style, the product range has a 90º angle in transition from the 7 cm wide frame to the centre of the front. Instead of MDF, the centre is made of perforated metal. This material makes for a classic feel with a modern twist. With the see-through mesh, you are able to see the items in each cupboard. This is key for pantries as the foods can breathe without becoming too hot. In addition, it allows for those visiting your home to see the items without having to open every cupboard door. Alternatively, there are Metod kitchen cabinets and cupboards that provide you with the look for your kitchen. These can be customised in several different ways.

This is ideal and can help to make the classic style even easier and other elements. A perfect option for those who do not like standard showcase doors! Combine with the usual Classic Style or create your very own unique kitchen by mixing with other designs that have the same thickness on the front! Our mesh kitchen cabinet doors are the modern twist for a bespoke kitchen you will love.

Noremax Replacement Mesh Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Here at Noremax, we pride ourselves on creating replacement fronts for a majority of Ikea cupboards. With our Ikea Faktum kitchen and other ranges, you can turn an Ikea cabinet into bespoke kitchen design in a few simple steps. We not only customise the cabinet fronts for you, but we provide you with simple instructions for quick installation. Though these do not come with hinges, our instructions make it easy to replace the cupboard doors with your new mesh kitchen cabinet doors for Metod kitchen only, without spending too much money on parts. Each of our specially designed fronts is made to fit and sent to your home within just six weeks for our standard delivery options.

Choose Your Finish With Noremax Colour Themes

When you have chosen your cupboard fronts, it is then time for customisation. Whether it is a Metod kitchen front for cabinets, they can all be customised.  Here at Noremax, we use the NCS, Jotun or Farrow&Ball colour code to allow you to choose your chosen colour for your mesh kitchen cabinet doors. These can be customised with your chosen colour at no extra charge. Whether it is a bold blue or a simple grey, there are endless possibilities with our mesh kitchen cabinet doors that can match a colour theme of your home.

When you have chosen the colour, it is then time to choose the finish. We offer you a total of 3 finishes for our MDF mesh kitchen cabinet doors, each of which can be chosen to match your colour theme. The finishes that we supply are as follows:

  • Matte – 10 Gloss
  • Satin -20 Gloss
  • Semi-gloss – 40 gloss

Each of these can be used to cater to the colour and overall material for the cupboard fronts. This is because some materials cater to gloss and semi-gloss finishes. However, with numerous options for you to choose from you can make an image that is perfect for your interior design element.

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