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Our Nordic range offers a simple and elegant design that manages to be both classic and modern at the same time. With its sleek surfaces and cool colours inspired by the natural landscape, Nordic designs are bright, clean and super stylish. Fronts and side panels in this series can be treated in three different ways:

1. They can be varnished in the desired colour and shine.
2. They can be delivered treated with only clear paint on top to retain the natural wood colour.
3. They can be stained and treated with clear paint on top.

Thickness: 19 mm
Material: Made of MDF covered with ash veneer
Handles: No
Delivered with hinges: No
Comes with holes for hinges: Yes
Colour: Available in any colour you choose (provide NCS, Farrow&Ball or Jotun colour code)
Finish: Matte (10 gloss), Satin (20 gloss) or semi-gloss (40 gloss)
Standard delivery time: 6 weeks

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We sell the fronts, not the frames!

Please note that in order to cover start-up costs, our minimum order is £188 and any difference left will be added to the order.


    Width x Height

    • 76 €
    • 82 €
    • 97 €
    • 76 €
    • 89 €
    • 103 €
    • 116 €
    • 128 €
    • 142 €
    • 170 €
    • 182 €
    • 89 €
    • 109 €
    • 130 €
    • 149 €
    • 169 €
    • 189 €
    • 229 €
    • 250 €
    • 66 €
    • 89 €
    • 103 €

    Width x Height

    • 43 €
    • 51 €
    • 63 €
    • 48 €
    • 58 €
    • 80 €
    • 109 €
    • 51 €
    • 66 €
    • 96 €

    Width x Height

    • 49 €
    • 63 €
    • 75 €
    • 88 €
    • 105 €
    • 114 €
    • 131 €
    • 151 €

    Fronts to cover panel that fit Ikea METOD series

    Sides are cover panels used on the sides of the cabinet frames. The purpose of the panels is to give the design a comprehensive and coherent expression. It is therefore also natural to choose the same colour on the side panels as on the fronts. The side panels from Noremax are made of 12 mm MDF and are treated with the same durable paint as the front.

    Width x Height

    • 57 €
    • 76 €
    • 89 €
    • 109 €
    • 170 €
    • 109 €
    • 170 €

    Both sides - This means that both sides of the worktop must be visible, for example, stand-alone cabinets which are 60cm, 120cm, 180cm. Side panels with both sides should be long enough to cover the cabinets but also the two side plates that are attached to the sides of the sink.

    One side: Choose when only one side of the worktop is visible. For example, a 240 cm sideboard could be made of two cabinets, both of 120 cm, using two worktops of 120 cm. In such instances, you would choose two worktops of 120 cm with only one side. Please note: cabinets with a side should be long enough to cover the side plate that attaches to the sides of your sink.

    No sides: Choose this option when a worktop has no visible sides, for example when the worktop is in the middle of two other countertops. This is ideal where there is a need for at least three countertops.

    Width x Height

    Plinth is available in standard NCS or Jotun colour and in brass colour.

    • 52 €
    • 113 €
    • 72 €
    • 128 €

    Plinth is the cover used to hide the opening between the base cabinet and the floor. The covers are made of 18 mm water resistant MDF and are treated with the same durable paint as for your fronts. The covers come with clips and screws and are available in two lengths (1.2 and 2.2 meters) for on-site customization.

    Choose either ash or oak and stained or clear coat.

    Solid colour is only available for ash.

    Select gloss type (Satin 5% extra charge, Matte 10% extra charge):

    • 30 €
    • 30 €

    Color code on stain
    Nordic fronts can be stained instead of spray-painted in any colour. Stains are the pigments that pull into the wood so that it gets stained and the wood structure appears more or less depending on the chosen stain colour (for dark colours it will give the illusion of different shades). Veins and pores often darken and the colour shades of the wood appear more. Tick ​​off the stain you want. Note that the colours may be different on the screen than in reality. If you are unsure about the colour you want, you can order a sample. If you want a different colour than shown below, you can enter a colour code in the box below.
    E.g. Stain colour from Jotun Lady Pure Nature:
    You can either fill in the colour name / color code in this box OR choose one of the below colours
    NCS code it’s an international Natural Colour System which accurately communicates the colours we see to pinpoint precise colour. Any paint shop in UK will have an NCS index so you can check and choose the colour you like. They can also make a paint sample with your chosen colour. Please check our BLOG for more information.

  • Add to existing / previous order in the same colour code?

Minimalist and clutter-free, the beautiful added texture brings the Nordic range to life, while the muted shades add an undertone to your home. Add metallics to your décor to provide a feeling of warmth, making your home appear brighter and more spacious, without compromising on the minimal feel.

One of the biggest benefits of this range is that regardless of whether you have a large space or something more snug, the Nordic look can work anywhere. From stylish apartments to older style properties, Nordic designs provide a style that will suit all tastes and personal preferences; it really does shine in any environment.

Replacement Ikea cabinets project. Why choose our Nordic range?

* Offers a classical and elegant design with exceptional detail and varied patterns
* Ideal for anyone who prefers traditionally Nordic designs
* Choose from an endless array of colours
* Nordic doors are manufactured in 19 mm MDF.
* Treated with durable Akzo Nobel lacquer for a longer life expectancy
* For complete peace of mind, we offer a 10 year guarantee on all of our ranges
* Available in three gloss options; matte (10 shine), satin (20 shine) or semi-gloss (40 shine)
* Our standard delivery is just 6 weeks; send us your individual requirements and we’ll sort the rest!

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