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Modern and timeless doors for IKEA

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During the Christmas and New Year period, our production will be closed for 2 weeks. Any orders purchased between 27/09/2021 until 31/12/2021 will have added those 2 weeks to their lead time.

IKEA Kitchen Fronts and Handles



Ikea frame

We design and manufacture fronts, sides and top panels that are compatible with IKEA’s most common cabinet frames: PAX wardrobes, Besta sideboards, Metod and Faktum kitchen systems.

Noremax fronts provide a large choice of options so you can create personalized, custom-made furniture you’ve always dreamed of that work with your existing IKEA kitchen. Our IKEA door fronts come in many different material selections as well as surface treatments for our IKEA fronts that are made for your own personal design. We also provide you with the chance to vary the choice of lacquered MDF in optional colours (from Jotun F&B, NCS code) and different types of veneered wood (in different colour stain option).

Here at Noremax, we are constantly working to ensure that our customers do not compromise on price and quality regardless of the range they choose from. Whether it is a Metod kitchen or an IKEA Faktum kitchen we provide you with customisation options to achieve the end result you are looking for when ordering our IKEA fronts.

Each of our IKEA door fronts combine the perfect blend of Norwegian production character combined with the unique handmade design in classic materials to ensure high-quality products. In order to satisfy our future customers’ expectations, we keep up to date with the market and take demand in consideration when introducing new collections into our IKEA fronts extensive range.




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Functional Furniture With Our Stylish IKEA Fronts


Noremax has established production in Norway offering an easy way to transform a worn and dull room to completely new look. Our Instyle products are the ultimate combination of handles design and aesthetic functionality that your IKEA kitchen needs. Cabinet doors with milled handles make it easy to forget that a modern and high-tech kitchen hides behind the plain surface. The design makes it easy to hide smart solutions such as flexible storage and integrated appliances.

All our design collections for our IKEA door fronts offer a selection of popular IKEA replacement fronts for Metod and Faktum kitchen systems, Pax wardrobeBesta sideboards in addition to side panels, tops, handles and legs. We are here to bring your visions to life – you can choose between infinite colour options and three different degrees of gloss to create the long-awaited expression in all rooms with our IKEA fronts.

There are many online tools you can use in planning, including IKEA’s kitchen planner and PAX wardrobe planner to help you take advantage of your space as well as find a style that suits your taste and requirements for the interior.

The classic look is one of the most flexible and accurate styles you can introduce in a traditional kitchen. Our Classic range is neither impersonal nor too decorative. It is simply the perfect balance that is ideal in terms of its style, taste and budget.

We aim always to achieve an elegant design with a modern tone at every product we design. This can be implemented in any house type regardless of how the floor plan is designed. Our popular IKEA replacement fronts are well received by many. They are produced and shipped straight from factory in Norway to the customer’s door, ensuring that quality and safety is maintained throughout the delivery process.

We understand that the higher the quality of the product, the better the result. Every MDF front we produce has a seamless surface that ensures you get the desired end look for your home. If you are looking for something that is brand new and modern or perhaps something more rustic, we have MDF IKEA fronts and a range of IKEA Kitchen options that fit your needs.

All the IKEA door fronts we offer are designed based on different styles with practical functionality so that they can be customized. This allows you to get the kitchen you want in reasonable time with IKEA fronts.

Unique Decor For Your Home With An IKEA Kitchen


By designing the kitchen with Noremax fronts you can choose from a large range of products for Faktum and Metod solutions. This helps you achieve the style you want without blowing the budget. With different collections for each of these kitchen systems, you have the ability to tailor your own IKEA kitchen in terms of choice of style and not least colour. We have made the process simple and affordable to ensure a good buying experience and end result.

If you would like to know more about the products there are different ways to contact us. You can either send an email to [email protected] or call directly at +44 7368418902. We are ready to assist with the realization of your design!

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