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  • Interior design ideas for bedroom

    Interior design ideas for bedroom – interesting solutions and inspirations

    Your bedroom is the room that aims for relaxation, recovery of your strength, and recharge after a long, productive, hard day. The arrangement of the bedroom plays a huge role – it largely contributes to our well-being. If you are looking for inspiration, read the article to check the best interior design ideas for the …

  • Kitchen cabinets design

    Kitchen cabinets design – find an inspiration

    Are you bored with your kitchen cabinets design and decided to refresh it? You don’t know however what’s in fashion right now and you are looking for inspiration. You are in the right place! Let’s check kitchen cabinets design ideas. On the other hand, if you plan to completely renovate your kitchen, read kitchen remodel …

  • Interior design living room ideas

    Interior design living room ideas – stunning and modern relax space

    The living room is the most representative part of our apartments and houses. Here you spend your free time, relax, work, and invite guests, therefore it must be a multi-functional and open-access room. Look and find the best interior design living room ideas! Take a look at our tips and tricks for salon décor below. …

  • Kitchen design ideas top 2021 trends

    Kitchen design ideas: top 2021 trends

    The pandemic times had its ups and downs, but the bright side to it all is the spare time we could spend in our homes. Not only was this a good opportunity to thoroughly cleanse all the rooms but also to re-examine their decor. Even more than before our house became a place where we …

  • Kitchen islands with seating

    Kitchen islands with seating: best solutions for your home

    Kitchen island is usually the centre of the room, where you can comfortably place the ingredients or appliances in use. It becomes an irreplaceable countertop in the house where cooking plays an important role in family life. Having said that, the decision concerning the purchase of a kitchen island with seating should be made with …

  • Kitchen design ideas to completely remodel your space

    Kitchen design ideas to completely remodel your space

    Home is the space where we want to feel at our best. Therefore, it is important to keep the rooms updated to our lifestyle and general functionality needs. The kitchen is the place where we spend a lot of our free time, so it might be a good idea to revitalise its appearance once in …

  • Interior design trends 2021 – what new styles can we expect

    Interior design trends 2021 – what can we expect?

    This year was different from previous ones for obvious reasons. However, the vision of spending more time at home and even working there creates a new opportunity for us all. More than ever before, the interior design industry has focused on making the space in our homes functional and inviting. Interior design trends 2021 bring …

  • Interior design of small house

    Interior Design Of Small House

    Living in small or tiny houses has become an increasingly popular trend nowadays. Designers are challenged to find the best solutions to optimize the space and bring out its best functionality. Stay with us and check what is the best interior design of a small house! You may live in a small house by necessity …

  • Where To Start With A Kitchen Renovation

    With the kitchen being the ‘heart of the home’ for many, where all the family gather and home owners socialise with their guests, it’s important that this space is a room you can be proud of. Sometimes, this may mean that you need to renovate the room, whether it’s for sprucing the room up or …

  • How To Make Your Kitchen Space More User Friendly

    The kitchen is where we spend most of our time, whether we are cooking, eating or entertaining guests. Therefore, the kitchen should be a space that is easy to navigate around, so you can find what you need quickly and be efficient. So, how can you make your kitchen space more user friendly? Fortunately, we …

  • Choosing The Right Kitchen Handles For Your Lifestyle

    Whether you’re redecorating or renovating your kitchen space, every little detail matters from the lighting to the handles you choose. However, with there being so many different designs on the market, it can be difficult deciding which handles to integrate into your kitchen space. Plus, there are many factors to consider when choosing your new …

  • A Guide To Choosing Lighting For Your Kitchen

    The lighting in any space can make a huge impact, as it sets the mood and ambiance. In a kitchen, many home owners tend to like the room to appear spacious by including more lighting, as well as natural lighting from large windows, however others prefer this space to be cosy, so utilise different lighting …

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