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  • Linen Walk in closet Colour Beige

    The ultimate guide to designing your Walk-In Closet with Linen

    Do you find yourself longing for a custom wardrobe that not only meets your storage needs but also elevates the aesthetics of your space? This isn’t just a dream—it’s a vision we can help bring to life with our Linen wardrobe solutions! Create a wardrobe that reflects your lifestyle with bespoke design choices Starting with …

  • Kitchen renovation ideas

    Kitchen renovation ideas

    Every space needs some updates from time to time. It is particularly true for the kitchen, where surfaces are used more often and moisture can affect the state of the furniture. Here are some kitchen renovation ideas you can realize using furniture elements from Noremax. Kitchen renovation ideas and how to start? Finding a starting …

  • Customize kitchen doors to fit your IKEA cabinets

    Customize kitchen doors to fit your IKEA cabinets

    How to choose kitchen doors to fit IKEA cabinets? On the Noremax website, you will find fronts compatible with newer and older types of IKEA furniture systems. Faktum is a system that was abandoned by the company a few years ago. However, some people still use it in their homes, and it serves them well. …

  • IKEA kitchen remodel

    IKEA kitchen remodel

    Everyone who has IKEA kitchen to remodel should consider starting by changing the look of the furniture fronts. Thanks to the Noremax, you now have that possibility. It is an inexpensive and quick way to get a new look without replacing the entire furniture set. IKEA kitchen remodel – is it that hard? Changing the …

  • IKEA drawer fronts and cabinet doors

    IKEA drawer fronts and cabinet doors

    When you create a new design for your kitchen, there are a few ways to improve the furniture set. One of the less expensive and more creative is to replace furniture fronts. You can change IKEA drawer fronts and doors for your cabinet without replacing the entire set. It is not only cheaper, but a …

  • IKEA Bestå door fronts

    IKEA Bestå door fronts

    Bestå is a storage system for IKEA that allows you to build modular cabinets and secure them by attaching them to the wall. You can use it in your kitchen or any other room. On the Noremax website, you will find many different styles and colours you can use to replace your IKEA Bestå door …

  • Customize your IKEA cabinets

    Customize your IKEA cabinets

    IKEA allows customers to create the best fitting furniture. Using Noremax furniture parts, you can further customize IKEA cabinets or wardrobes. Replace doors and drawer fronts with another material and colour to make your kitchen set look different and original. Changing seasons, changing fronts Seasons come and go, and so fashions and trends change. Every …

  • Custom Pax doors

    Custom Pax doors

    Interior design doesn’t have to be limited to rich people only. Everyone can create a space that is pleasant to live in. This should also be applied to standard rooms, like the hall or living room where we invite guests. But a beautiful surrounding is important for the residents as well. Custom Pax doors for …

  • IKEA white cabinet doors in kitchen design

    IKEA white cabinet doors in kitchen design

    Are you dreaming of a white kitchen? Bright and clean kitchen cabinets are one of the most popular trends in interior design. They are a characteristic feature of the Scandinavian style. That’s why people tend to order IKEA white cabinet doors often. IKEA white cabinet doors variations You may ask: what is so exciting about …

  • IKEA shaker cabinet doors

    IKEA shaker cabinet doors

    Shaker kitchen is an essence of traditional design. If you want to recreate that look in your home, there are many ways to do it. One of them is to buy IKEA shaker cabinet doors and add some details, that will create that style. How to choose IKEA shaker cabinet doors? We don’t have a …

  • Use Bestå door fronts to design a perfect interior

    Use Bestå door fronts to design a perfect interior

    Do you have IKEA Bestå furniture, and you want to change its appearance? Noremax provides Bestå door fronts in many different designs and colours. Now you can create a new design for your space without changing the entire furniture set. These design suggestions may inspire you. Basic Bestå door fronts for minimalists It’s all in …

  • Best IKEA cabinet fronts

    Best IKEA cabinet fronts

    To improve your kitchen, you can buy new furniture or just replace some of its elements. With Noremax you can choose the best IKEA cabinet fronts and other replacements, like furniture legs and handles. A renovation using furniture elements is an easy and inexpensive way to change your old, boring kitchen into something new. New …

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