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  • Choose your own style with IKEA kitchens images

    Choose your own style with IKEA kitchens images

    IKEA has been making and selling furniture for many years. The brand not only provides popular furniture but creates a recognizable design. Watching IKEA kitchen images, you can find some inspiration to rearrange your kitchen. With Noremax furniture replacements available to order online, you can do it easily and quickly from the comfort of your …

  • IKEA custom fronts

    IKEA custom fronts

    What makes up a furniture front? It can be anything that is visible in the front part of a cupboard or a wardrobe. IKEA custom fronts which you can order from our online shop, consist mostly of cabinet doors and drawers. However, details like handles, legs or decorations are also important. In this article, we …

  • IKEA cabinet knobs

    IKEA cabinet knobs

    If you dream of a beautiful and functional kitchen, you may start paying attention to decoration details. IKEA cabinet knobs are practical and decorative. They can be attached to many different types of furniture. You can browse the wide range of knobs and handles on our website to choose the best of them for your …

  • Customize IKEA furniture

    Customize IKEA furniture

    Customers often choose IKEA design due to its original and yet timeless properties. Now you can give your furniture even a more personal touch. Customize IKEA furniture using many available replacements like cabinet legs, handles, doors, or whole sideboards. Design your original style with colours and materials that suit you best. How to customize IKEA …

  • Custom IKEA cabinet doors - why and how to choose them?

    Custom IKEA cabinet doors – why and how to choose them?

    The possibility of furniture customization allows clients to create the most fitting furniture for their spaces. It doesn’t require buying an all-new set at once. What you can do instead, is buy custom IKEA cabinet doors, legs or handles to replace the old ones. This will change the look of cabinets or wardrobes you already …

  • Custom BESTA doors – a great solution for your IKEA sideboards

    Custom BESTA doors – a great solution for your IKEA sideboards

    Besta is one of the most popular IKEA kitchen furniture systems. However, even the best furniture wears out at some point. Now you can replace old elements with new ones. Whether you want to repair, refresh or redesign your furniture, IKEA custom Besta doors may be the right choice. Check below all the advantages of …

  • Cabinet door alternatives

    It is good to change the look of your interiors once in a while. If you want to change the design of your kitchen or refresh it and change the look, you may be interested in this offer. Cabinet door alternatives are a quick and cost-effective way to change old boring cabinets without replacing the …

  • Brass furniture legs

    Brass furniture legs

    Brass furniture legs may seem to be a small detail, but when it comes to arranging a kitchen or any other room they turn out to be quite an important part of the furniture. You may need furniture legs to elevate a cabinet or a cupboard, also to prevent dust from accumulating under it without …

  • IKEA custom cabinets

    IKEA custom cabinets

    Are you looking for a new design for your kitchen? You can create it with IKEA custom cabinets. There are plenty of options to choose from. You can customize colours, materials and style of chosen cabinets, and then diversify them using details like knobs or legs. IKEA custom cabinets – choose the best IKEA is …

  • Stainless steel cabinets IKEA

    Stainless steel cabinets IKEA – dishes behind a mesh

    When you hear about stainless steel cabinets from IKEA, you may imagine a steel kitchen like those in restaurants or hotels. But there are not many private customers who prefer that kind of design. Instead, we offer a stainless mesh for cabinet doors embedded in a wooden frame. Let’s see what can be the benefits …

  • IKEA shaker cabinets – how to design a modern shaker kitchen?

    IKEA shaker cabinets – how to design a modern shaker kitchen?

    It is possible to combine tradition and modernity using various elements of IKEA furniture. It is especially true in the case of the IKEA shaker cabinets. In this article, we invite you to join a tour of the history of kitchen design. We will discover together how to transform a modern kitchen into a comfortable, …

  • New IKEA Besta legs for your cabinets

    New IKEA Besta legs for your cabinets

    It may seem that legs are the less visible element of furniture, but they are important, especially if you want a consistent design. Especially visible or hidden cabinet legs in the kitchen area can change the overall look of a given space. Therefore buying suitable IKEA Besta legs for your sideboards is such an important …

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