Custom made doors for IKEA wardrobes by Noremax

Designing a wardrobe or dressing room is one of the biggest challenges when designing a bedroom interior. It depends on how comfortable and intuitive our clothes, accessories, and even shoes will be capacious. Of course, first, you need to adjust the project of the wardrobe to your place. If there is such a possibility, you should not limit yourself – a large and spacious closet will always be useful. One of the biggest mistakes is ordering too small a piece of furniture, is believing that it will be enough. The more storage space in which you can store various things, so they are not on view, the better. Then, which is crucial for the practical side, you should plan the inside of the wardrobe. IKEA’s customers have it much easier because the company’s solutions are very helpful and intuitive. But even before they can take care of the nicest things, their custom made doors for IKEA wardrobes, they must make a lot of difficult decisions.

Inside designing

To do this effectively, you need to answer a few questions: how many clothes need to be hung on hangers and how many will you fold? How long are your clothes, such as coats and dresses? Do you need space to store your underwear, accessories, jewellery? Do you need a lot of space to store your shoes? Is there room in the closet for bed linen, towels, and other household items such as vacuum cleaners and ironing boards? The answers to these questions will help you decide on the overall inside project of the closet. Then you should place drawers, shelves, and rods so that the wardrobe is comfortable to use. Good general advice, especially in the case of larger cabinets with many drawers, is to install enlightenment. This not only gives an impressive effect but also helps to find the thing you are looking for at the moment.

However, that is not all. While designing a wardrobe, you can also make a lot of mistakes that you won’t be able to undo afterward. You should avoid narrow shelves so that they do not fit certain clothes, such as trousers, blouses, or large jumper. On the other hand, beware of too wide shelves, which are impractical because it is difficult to stack clothes on them so that they do not mix when putting them in or taking them out. What is more, too deep shelves mean unused space behind the clothes, too shallow makes the clothes crumple, and make doors hard to close. Too high shelves, on the other hand, are impractical, because we lose space over clothes. Other popular mistakes when designing a wardrobe are combining the space for hanging dresses and long clothes with space for hanging short ones. This leads to chaos and it is difficult to find the things you need at the moment. Moreover, people planning their own closet often leave too little space for hanging clothes – you have to remember that hangers are also thick, and skirt hangers have special clips – if the clothes hang too tight, it is difficult to take them out, some delicate fabrics can get damaged. It is also worth noting that too deep drawers are not always practical – underwear and socks do not need much space, but it is better not to mix them – so it is better to design smaller/lower drawers: separate for panties, bras, socks, stockings, and tights. As you can see, a well-planned closet is not so easy to achieve. Fortunately, thanks to the IKEA PAX solutions it’s easier to design your own wardrobe. Fronts better do with Noremax’ custom made doors range for IKEA wardrobes.

Noremax offers freedom in designing custom made doors for IKEA wardrobes

Eventually, even the best-designed wardrobe must also look perfect. The IKEA offer is limited in this respect and does not meet everyone’s taste. Noremax has the perfect IKEA pax alternative doors, which give virtually unlimited possibilities to match the fronts to your liking and expectations. Customers using the Noremax offer can, above all, choose the colour and finish practically freely. This means that you can really create a bespoke wardrobe door of your dreams. The company’s offer also includes a large selection of available custom made doors for IKEA wardrobes – twelve different models. From ever good-looking classics, to smooth, split patterns and offering various handless solutions and decorations.

Noremax offer is also dedicated to all whom old fitted IKEA wardrobe doors are beginning to be a bit battered and tired. Instead of having a completely new installation, Noremax’s solutions are an easier, more affordable, and smarter option. Just with Noremax’s custom made doors for IKEA wardrobes, you will gain a totally new furniture look. It’s just a matter of replacing doors with that you design yourself.

Final touch – knobs and handles

When considering the design of a wardrobe, one cannot forget about knobs and handles. Even the perfect custom-made doors for IKEA wardrobes need the right final touch. This is also practical and important in terms of shaping the final look. In the case of wardrobes, due to the size of the doors, push to open systems usually work poorly. So, a comfortable and practical knob is more desirable than with other furniture. The right choice of knobs will define the style well and decorate the door. Noremax offers over twenty different knobs and handles. They are available in different colour variants and are made of different materials giving customers a very wide choice and possibilities.

Custom made doors for IKEA wardrobes – conclusion

As you can see, the process of selecting and designing a wardrobe is a multi-stage process and should be well-thought-out. Luckily, companies like Noremax respond to customers’ needs. This gives PAX system owners virtually unlimited possibilities to customize their own doors for IKEA wardrobes. As a result, using popular but standard IKEA solutions, Noremax gives them a bespoke, original, and unique wardrobe to decorate the bedroom.

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