IKEA Faktum doors – a new hope for IKEA Faktum users

Equipping kitchens with IKEA appliances and furniture is consistently very popular. Currently, available on the market IKEA METOD system is functional and gives a lot of possibilities to quickly and efficiently furnish kitchen to make it an operational and enjoyable place to prepare food. However, there are a lot of IKEA clients who have equipped their kitchens before 2013. At that time another system was available on the market – IKEA Faktum. After it was withdrawn from the range, IKEA Faktum owners were put in a difficult position – when needed, they could no longer buy IKEA replacement kitchen doors to refresh their furniture. Since then, IKEA Faktum doors have only been available in the aftermarket, which by no means could satisfy IKEA Faktum kitchen owners. For many clients, this meant that if their IKEA kitchen cabinets or doors were to be worn out, they had to completely refurnish all kitchen. Anyone who has even once arranged or renovated a house knows how ungrateful this is – removing all the cabinets and appliances, installing new ones (and not having access to the kitchen at the time) is not a comfortable situation. Fortunately, Noremax offers solutions that are fully compatible with the IKEA Faktum doors system.

IKEA kitchen inspiration

Noremax offers seven different IKEA Faktum doors models that are fully compatible with IKEA Faktum kitchen system. What’s more, using Noremax offers a whole new range of possibilities – clients can fully adjust the colour and gloss to their expectations. That is why Noremax doesn’t just offer IKEA replacement kitchen doors, but solutions that can make the kitchen fully customized and refreshed according to the client’s current needs and expectations. Noremax is also an IKEA kitchen inspiration, where it shows what everyone can do with a kitchen in a fast, efficient and affordable way.

Noremax kitchen IKEA Faktum doors dedicated to IKEA Faktum system

The primary model in the Noremax range that fits the IKEA Faktum kitchen cabinets is the Basic model. It’s a completely smooth design that gives a lot of possibilities thanks to its simplicity. This is its strength, because depending on the colour and finish used, this door model fits perfectly into any style – from modest and elegant forms to modern and expressive.

The Circle model, on the other hand, develops the Basic concept by adding a subtle, circular handle. Even though it is not large, the completely smooth front makes it an additional decoration, as well as allows to completely eliminate the need for installation of a knob, handle or push opening system. Handle used in the Circle model is very handy and is an interesting design solution.

Noremax also has other kitchen cabinet IKEA Faktum doors that do not require separate knob or handle. These are Elegance, Instyle and Ontime. The first one presents a modern design by using a completely smooth panel and moulded finger pulls in the shape of an oblong rhombus. As a result, this door model will work well in a modern and elegant kitchen.

The moulded finger pulls used in Instyle model is, in turn, much more discreet and at first glance, this door can be mistaken for Basic model. It is the quintessence of minimalist design, offering at the same time the beauty of smooth form with full functionality.

The finger pulls in the Ontime model are completely different, where it is placed a little below the lower (or upper) edge of the door itself. In this case, this element becomes the main decoration and distinguishing feature of the door. It is a modern and bold concept on the one hand, and harmonious and timeless on the other. Therefore, in this case, the final reception and style of the Ontime door will be determined by the colour and gloss used.

Noremax also has a Nordic IKEA Faktum doors series for kitchen system. It is a smooth panel, just like Basic, but has one very distinctive feature. It is covered with ash veneer, so the client can see the natural texture of the wood on the door. For this reason, when choosing a Nordic door, clients can decide whether to use the colour of their choice or to opt for a simpler and more natural-looking solution, i.e. using only clear paint on top (with or without stain).

Customer who value classic and vintage style will certainly be interested in the Classic model. It is distinguished by the placement of frames around the panel. The frame itself is 7 cm wide and is angled at 45 degrees. Such construction is a perfect showcase of the traditional, warm style, which has become so popular again in recent years. No wonder – often classic solutions are simply the best for many and evoke good, warm impressions and memories. This makes us simply feel good in a kitchen with a classic style.

Colour and gloss

Ikea faktum doors offered by Noremax can be painted in any colour chosen by the client. Noremax provides all colours as long as you have Natural Colour System or Farrow&Ball or Jotun colour codes. Thanks to this, the client with Noremax consultants assistance can choose their dream colour, which is not available in the standard offer on the market. As a Noremax client, you can also order a colour sampler to see how a particular hue will actually look on the kitchen cabinet (subject to country you are based in). In addition, clients can also decide which finish – matte, satin or semi-gloss – will be used on their new kitchen cabinets doors. You can also order a sample of the door itself to see it for yourself in your own kitchen.

Wide range of knobs and handles for IKEA Faktum doors

For owners of IKEA Faktum kitchen furniture, Noremax does not just offer IKEA replacement kitchen doors. As well as different IKEA Faktum doors designs and the ability to choose any colour and gloss, there’s a wide range of knobs and handles. Noremax offers over 20 different models. They are of different sizes and are made of various materials (wood, metal, leather). In addition, the selected models are also available in different colour variants, so everyone will find something for themselves. Of course, clients can also always use the push opening system.

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