Ikea Faktum – refresh your interior design with Noremax

Ikea furniture is a marker of style. But what to do when after some time their appearance is worn out or our tastes change? With help comes a simple and affordable solution from Noremax. We offer a long list of furniture fronts that you can replace yourself, saving you time and money.

Noremax offers modern fronts of the highest quality that fit perfectly into your Pax, IKEA Metod and IKEA Faktum furniture. We make sure that our fronts retain the aesthetics of these three systems, but with the added possibility of personalization. You can choose from variety of colours, sizes, handle types and even textures for your IKEA furniture! What’s more, Noremax can help you find IKEA kitchen inspirations and new solutions for storage and décor.

Noremax solution for IKEA Faktum systems

IKEA is one of the largest furniture manufacturers in the world. Customers appreciate their unique style, Scandinavian aesthetics and great value for money.

Home decor reflects your personality and is a space where you can really be yourself and feel at ease. Many of us dream of being able to replace IKEA furniture regularly, depending on our vision, expectations and current trends. However, the process of replacing all the furniture is expensive and burdensome.

That is why a solution from Noremax comes to your aid. We are a Norwegian company with a unique style of Scandinavian furniture close to the heart. We offer a wide range of fronts for cabinets, sideboards, wardrobes and other furniture to provide you with a complete transformation of your existing decor. The solution is very simple: all you have to do is choose the colour, type of handles and texture for your ideal front. We make every effort to ensure that the final product that you get is the result that you have dreamed of.

From now on, thanks to Noremax you can fully modify your furniture at low cost.

See how simple it is. Choose a front and then assemble it yourself. Little time, little expense, no stress. But a mass of creativity!

Why take a change with Noremax?

We are guided by the idea that perfection lies in simplicity. The house of dreams is at your fingertips, and it doesn’t have to be a complicated project or a big expense.

We want to give our customers an opportunity to easily and quickly modify their interior design. Thanks to personalization, they are able to create a design that suits their needs and lifestyle, with the possibility of giving their interiors a personal touch. Our products are composed in such a way that they can be used to create an infinite number of unique compositions that can’t be found anywhere else outside your home.

Noremax is a simple, functional, yet extremely attractive solution to breathe new life into furniture and give it a completely unique look. You can replace fronts in Faktum, Metod, and PAX systems. The fronts are designed to reflect the aesthetics of the original furniture, but give you a space for creativity and experimentation.

You can choose the colour, textures, types of handles and even the size of individual elements. The designs correspond to all popular trends, including elements of Scandinavian house, Bamboo style, but also standard, minimalist and elegant aesthetics.

Depending on your expectations, you can replace fronts in cabinets, cupboards, wardrobes and storage elements. If you decide to replace your kitchen fronts, you can change the side walls, worktops and all with regard to the fixture planning. There is also a possibility of IKEA replacement kitchen doors.

Personalize your IKEA Faktum furniture to create your own unique space

IKEA Faktum is a system produced until 2013. It is therefore very difficult to replace furniture from the same series as IKEA doesn’t support them anymore. Most often the only way to refresh them is to buy other second-hand Faktum furniture. Unfortunately, it is often unsatisfactory. Time and usage make the furniture wear out and their colours fade. When the furniture no longer fits into our decor, we hear the need to revitalize the furniture. But what if we’re attached to the IKEA Faktum system and still want to build on it?

That’s where the Noremax fronts come in. We have many types of elements that you can replace, all of which are highly customizable. You can choose fronts that look similar to IKEA’s Faktum designs, or experiment with the colour and texture of your furniture for a whole new and unique effect.
The solution for IKEA Faktum gives you the opportunity to personalize your kitchen furniture, including its sides, countertops and handles. And their colour can be selected very precisely using the Jotun colour code and more.

There are many positions to choose from, which you can freely combine and change to achieve the effect you really want, without any compromise. The final piece of furniture may retain the aesthetics of the old Faktum furniture, or completely differ from it. You are the one who makes your design unique, so that the kitchen becomes a special space that suits your needs and style of living.
With Noremax fronts, you can have an impact on the restoration of your entire home at low cost. Replacing the fronts is simple and intuitive, so you can do it yourself.

Choose Noremax fronts and discover how easy it is for you to stimulate your creativity and design the décor of your dreams! With a simple and diverse range of personalization, create a unique design tailored to your lifestyle. You will soon discover the benefits of this method over other ways of decorating. With Noremax, you can be sure that you are choosing a more affordable, but extremely effective and innovative at the same time. Noremax fronts are flexibly adapting to your need and changing taste.

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