IKEA kitchen inspiration – Noremax solutions

IKEA kitchen furniture is very often chosen when renovating or equipping a kitchen. This is not surprising, as the Swedish manufacturer’s pro-consumer approach makes it very convenient, fast and friendly for people to design and furnish their entire kitchen. What is more, it is possible without exceeding the budget. This is a great advantage, especially for people who value their time and comfort. But it has the other side of the coin – IKEA’s standard range is quite limited. For many people who dream of an extraordinary and unique kitchen, this can be a big problem. Besides, not everyone necessarily finds the kitchen furniture offered by IKEA attractive, so in the end, they decide to design the kitchen somewhere else and they need IKEA kitchen inspiration.

The solution to this problem is very simple. Noremax, with its wide range of kitchen cabinet doors, offers products that satisfy every IKEA fan and are fantastic and unique IKEA kitchen inspiration. Noremax’s practically limitless possibilities allow giving the kitchen just about any style, which is not possible with the IKEA range alone. Noremax kitchen cabinet doors are fully compatible with all IKEA kitchen units doors and aren’t just IKEA replacement kitchen doors – they bring a whole new quality and design possibilities. Importantly, Noremax offers its solutions not only to owners of IKEA METOD furniture but also to those who own IKEA Faktum cabinets.

How is Noremax do it?

First, Noremax offers IKEA METOD kitchen owners or those who intend to buy a kitchen there, 22 door models within four collections. IKEA Faktum system users can choose from seven models. And that’s just the beginning of the possibilities. A very important advantage of Noremax kitchen cabinet doors is that customer can choose practically any colour. You only have to choose the right colour code from the Natural Colour System. Furthermore, the company also accepts Farrow&Ball and Jotun colour codes. What is more, in almost every case (depending on the chosen door model) there is also an option to decide on the used finish. Noremax offers three types of gloss – matte, satin and semi-gloss. Finally, it is also possible to buy original Noremax knobs and handles, which also stand out from the offer available on the market. These four main features of Noremax make it possible to turn a standard IKEA kitchen at a reasonable price and with little time and effort into a completely new, fantasy place to prepare meals or have guests. The only limit is your imagination – see our IKEA kitchen inspiration.

IKEA kitchen inspiration – just a few examples

The possibility of choosing any combination of doors design with colours, finish, knobs and handles means that thanks to the doors designed with Noremax, the customer can give the kitchen a completely unique character and style. Here are a few examples of how IKEA kitchen units can look like with Noremax doors, which is also a great inspiration for anyone designing or revamping a kitchen.

Timeless simplicity and elegance

The standard collection offers nine different door models. Among them, some have designer pulls and handle-less solutions. Thanks to this it is the range that gives the most creative possibilities. The primary model is Basic – a completely smooth front, which should appeal to all fans of simple, minimalist solutions. On the other hand, it is also a perfect proposal for those who want to put on the colour in the first place in their kitchen. The Circle model differs from the Basic model by using a subtle, circular handle. Cabinet doors with the Classic designation (including Max and Style) refer to more traditional and classic designs thanks to their stylish frame. The more modern Ontime, Elegance and Instyle models, on the other hand, offer various handless solutions tailored to individual needs. There is also the Nordic model, which, thanks to the use of ash veneer, adds an interesting element referring to the look of natural wood.

Intimacy with nature

The Nordic+ collection, in turn, is a proposal for fans of wooden products who appreciate the beauty of nature. This collection includes four-door models: Basic, Circle, Elegance and Instyle. They differ from the Standard collection with the use of birch plywood (as opposed to the Nordic model from the Standard collection, which is made of MDF covered with ash veneer), and with ash or oak veneer on the outer layer. This significantly affects the visual look of kitchen cabinet doors, which thanks to this approach present a beautiful, natural wood texture. Therefore, they are ideal for modern Scandinavian style kitchens, but not only. The opportunity of using any colour makes it possible to create a fascinating combination of characteristic, natural plywood patterns with colour and gloss that may not be obvious.

Ecology, design and usability

A special feature of the Noremax range is the collection of kitchen cabinet doors made of bamboo. Despite appearances, bamboo is an ideal material for the production of furniture (not only kitchen furniture). It is ecological wood – it grows fast and due to its antifungal and antibacterial properties, there is no need to use pesticides or plant protection chemicals during its cultivation. This property of bamboo also works perfectly well in kitchens, where maintaining sterility is one of the fundamentals of safe food processing. Bamboo is also very attractive visually, which can give the kitchen an original, warm and natural look. This is why bamboo is not covered with coloured paints so that the beautiful (natural or caramel) colour of this wood is exposed in the first place. For the same reason, only clear matte finish is used in this case. This way Noremax kitchen cabinet doors made of bamboo pay off with a unique look that fits perfectly into all design concepts based on exposing natural beauty. The following door models are available in the Bamboo+ collection: Basic, Circle, Elegance, Inline, Instyle and Ontime. IKEA kitchen inspirations are endless thanks to Noremax.

IKEA kitchen inspiration for industrial style fans

Noremax offers a unique Mesh collection. It presents three models of doors framed in different ways, with a perforated metal centre. Depending on the use of colour and gloss, this gives a very wide range of design possibilities. On the one hand, the use of metal instead of standard MDF naturally leads to industrial design. On the other hand, using white paint, it is possible to achieve an elegant and subtle effect. It is also an excellent alternative for people who do not like glass doors. Besides, the combination of classic or rustic frame styles (Classic, Classic Max and Classic Style models) with a modern front centre gives other interesting possibilities in kitchen design.

IKEA kitchen inspiration for Faktum system owners

As mentioned earlier, Noremax also gives a hand to all IKEA Faktum kitchen owners. It is no longer supported by IKEA, but Noremax will provide IKEA replacement kitchen doors fully compatible with Faktum without any problem. So their owners can revamp their kitchen by replacing only the kitchen cabinet doors, not all the IKEA kitchen units. That makes life much easier. Noremax offers seven models from the Standard collection: Basic, Circle, Classic, Elegance, Instyle, Nordic and Ontime.

As you can see, Noremax makes IKEA kitchen units look completely different, fully in line with individual expectations and design. This makes it possible to combine the advantages and capabilities of IKEA and Noremax to get a unique, designer kitchen at a reasonable price.

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