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Modern IKEA kitchen

Are you an IKEA kitchen lover? It’s great because we also think IKEA kitchens are unique. But if the look of your existing kitchen has already bored you, we are happy to help you refresh it. In order for your kitchen to gain a new image, you do not have to buy new, expensive, modern furniture, bother dismantling existing ones and think about how to transport new cabinets from a local store. Thanks to the existence of our company your new, modern IKEA kitchen can be made easier than you think.

How to do it? Just replace the current IKEA kitchen doors with a new ones, leaving the rest. Kitchen cabinet doors are the elements that are most often damaged when working in the kitchen, and any imperfections are strongly visible on them. Kitchen doors also decide on the perception of entire furniture as modern or unique. See for yourself that even a small change, such as replacing knobs and handles, will make you begin to see your kitchen in a new dimension.

New IKEA kitchen – why it’s worth it?

What do you gain by making a new IKEA kitchen with us?

Saving money

You don’t have to buy new IKEA furniture. All you have to do is order from us IKEA kitchen doors and make easy exchanges with those that are currently in your IKEA cabinets. Get the same kitchen refresh effect by spending much less money.


Complete kitchen replacement is a big challenge. Cleaning cabinets, dismantling furniture, difficult storage in the kitchen, transporting new large size furniture – with us you can avoid everything that is difficult.

Saving time

You don’t have time for a big challenge like changing the kitchen completely? Just take a few minutes to order online new kitchen doors or new kitchen handles to give your kitchen a new interesting look.

Always the right dimensions

You don’t have to measure the entire kitchen and look for new kitchen cabinets that will fit into your current carcasses to allow you to keep the current furniture layout. Our kitchen doors are purposely made for Faktum and Metod kitchens measured by IKEA´s original drawings.

Project individualization

It’s not a problem to make your kitchen completely unique. Use IKEA Pax or kitchen planner to plan an IKEA carcasses or IKEA wardrobe that will perfectly match your needs and browse our wide range of designs which are made to order kitchen doors.

High quality

We take care of every detail in the kitchen doors we manufacture. You will not only gain unique furniture that will attract you with its appearance, but also will last for years.

Free tip

Take a look at our blogs and photo gallery, where we present examples of kitchen arrangements. You can also contact our passionate team who will provide free advice on how to design a new look for your kitchen furniture.

Many possibilities to do your kitchen

Do you think that IKEA kitchens offer too little choice of design and colour? We offer you much more. Discover our diverse furniture textures, designer kitchen handles and the possibilities of painting in any colour. Semi-gloss, Satin or Matte finish is not only providing the elegant appearance of the kitchen, but also protection for your furniture. We offer kitchen doors for, METOD and FAKTUM kitchen cabinets. You can freely compose their appearance to give your kitchen a new charm.

Remember that we can always help you. You can’t decide which kitchen knobs and handles will best suit your kitchen? You don’t know what furniture texture to choose? Use the advice of our passionate team or get inspiration from our blogs and photo gallery. We will make your kitchen charming and the kitchen storage will be more pleasant.

Individualized kitchen

With us, you decide what your kitchen should look like. If you like to stand out, you’ll definitely like the option of having unique furniture. All you have to do is choose the right style and send us the information with measurments so that we can start preparation of kitchen doors for your dream kitchen. Choose the texture of the furniture, the type of gloss and give them a unique colour then accessories with elegant kitchen handles and knobs. You can also use our IKEA kitchen planner that will allow you to compose and view the project conveniently (only for you IKEA cabinets). Feel free to contact us if you need to consult with us your vision of the new kitchen.

Customize your kitchen

Do you think that the only way to arrange the kitchen of your dreams is to order customized doors? If so, you are wrong. You’ll pay much less with us and your kitchen cabinets will get the look you want. See for yourself that doors made to order by carpenter are not needed at all for your kitchen to gain a new charm. We are also happy to change your IKEA wardrobe or IKEA sideboard. You can successfully keep your existing IKEA furniture and not change the arrangement of furniture. All of our furniture doors are made to fit original IKEA carcasses.

Online furniture with delivery

Buying furniture has never been easier. All you have to do is order furniture online, choose your preferred payment option and wait for delivery within a maximum of 6 weeks. Your kitchen furniture will be shipped straight from Norway to your door. You do not have to worry about organizing transport of your furniture, as is often the case when buying them in a store.

We work with reliable shipping company who will pick up your order from our production in Norway and deliver directly to your door. We carefully protect every shipment so that the delivery of our products reaches your home safely and in undamaged condition. Find out how convenient it is to buy furniture online!

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us.

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