Design your own IKEA PAX doors

IKEA’s wardrobes are a very common choice for bedroom interiors or other rooms in a house. This is understandable because with the IKEA PAX planner client can quickly and conveniently design own wardrobe in the proper size and with the right configuration of shelves, rails and drawers. The system also selects and add to the basket needed components so you can mount the wardrobe yourself. This way, the customer can order a wardrobe that is adapted to his needs and the size of the space.

Another important element of wardrobe design is the selection of appropriate IKEA PAX doors and knobs or handles so that the furniture itself will look good and match the rest of the interior design. Of course, IKEA offers a variety of wardrobe doors designs, but customers who strongly favour individual custom interior design may not be entirely satisfied with the regular IKEA PAX doors range. That’s why for people who want and can invest a lot in sophisticated and original interior design, IKEA often doesn’t meet their requirements – they prefer to order custom-made wardrobe. In that situation, the want to be sure that it comes in the right colour and style. Fortunately, thanks to Noremax this is not the only solution. To get a similar effect, simply design your wardrobe with the IKEA range, but use Noremax wardrobe doors dedicated to the IKEA PAX system.

You can ask why? The answer is quite simple – Noremax specializes in doors dedicated to IKEA wardrobes, which can be made in any colour. What’s more, Noremax allows using one of three finishes – matte, satin or semi-gloss. Moreover, Noremax offers more than twenty different knobs and handles, which also definitely stand out from the market offer. Most importantly, Noremax provides eleven models of doors for PAX wardrobes. This is a unique alternative and unprecedented opportunity compared to what can be achieved only with doors available from IKEA PAX range. Using Noremax is also a great alternative for those who want to revamp their wardrobe and change IKEA PAX doors. Instead of buying new IKEA PAX doors, they can design their own Noremax doors and simply replace their old ones. This way, their current wardrobe will look like a whole new piece of furniture.

IKEA PAX doors – Wide range of door models

The core model of Noremax dedicated PAX wardrobes is Basic. It is a completely smooth front, which can be mounted with the knob or handle of clients choice, but also in the open push system. Contrary to appearances, this design gives great possibilities. With the use of vivid colours and a glossy finish, it will look great in modern interiors. Of course, clients can also use a more neutral combination of colour and gloss, or even a wall colour. This will allow to “hide” the wardrobe and focus the guests’ attention on other elements of the decor.

The Circle model is an evolution of the Basic project. It differs from it in the use of a subtle, circular handle. On the one hand, it is practical – the wardrobe door can be opened comfortably and handily and, on the other hand, it is a nice, delicate decoration. It looks superb with the long row of the IKEA PAX wardrobe units. Another variant of the Basic model that is more rustic in style is Nordic. The front is covered with ash or oak veneer. This means that client can see the wood texture on the door, which is an extra touch of nature. This design should appeal to all those who would like to decorate their flat in Scandinavian style.

The beauty of classics

Those who appreciate the style and beauty of classics should also be satisfied with choosing Noremax. Three models – Classic, Classic Max and Classic Style – should fully meet their expectations. Those door models are distinguished by their characteristic 7 cm frames, different for each model. For Classic, the angle of inclination is 45 degrees and for Classic Style, it is 90 degrees. In both cases the frame is unified. Classic Max, on the other hand, also has an inclination angle of 45 degrees, but the frame also has a bevelled panel, which greatly affects the look of the front. What is more, the frame on the front is made of ash wood. These are models that have been created especially for classic and stylish interiors that, due to their universal beauty, never go out of fashion.

Modern design – attractive and practical IKEA PAX doors

Noremax also offers original and modern design, which is reflected in five models designed for PAX – Moon, Ontime, Escape, Empire and Elegance. All of these models are distinguished by their handless solutions – discreet moulded finger pull or grips. In each case they are different. For example, Moon stands out with a large circular grip resembling the full moon. In the case of Escape integrated, squares finger grips are very discreet, and they look great with IKEA PAX wardrobes units in the long row. Empire, on the other hand, is a showcase of ultra-modern design, which, for some, can be reminiscent of the interior of spaceships presented in pop culture. Elegance, meanwhile, is a more dignified design, naturally matching the glamour style. The last model, Ontime, is a more toned proposal, but very modern and matches the quiet and calm interiors.

For many the most important thing – colour!

The ability to choose any colour is one of the greatest strengths of Noremax. The company allows their clients any colour according to the Natural Colour System, as well as Farrow&Ball or Jotun. All the client has to do is provide the colour code of his choice, and soon he will be able to enjoy the wardrobe of his dreams and IKEA PAX doors in original colour.

Importantly, covered with oak or ash veneer or wood models can be treated in three different ways. Of course like in other cases, they can be varnished in any chosen colour and gloss. But, because it is wood, they can only be covered with clear paint (to retain the natural wood colour) only. The third option is putting stain along with clear paint.

Knobs and handles

Changing IKEA PAX doors with Noremax can also be extended to include knobs and handles. Noremax offers more than 20 different original options, which are also able to determine the final result. Therefore, when planning PAX wardrobe doors with Noremax, it is also worth noting this aspect of the company’s offer – a perfect complement to the possibilities it offers when it comes to PAX doors designing.

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