IKEA wardrobe fitting new doors: ideas to renovate your bedroom

Wardrobe in our bedroom is an important element not only because of its functionality but also because of its decorativeness. That is why it is so important to keep its appearance up to date. Applying IKEA wardrobe fitting new doors can be a great option to save some money and let your imagination loose at the same time!

In the bedroom, we cannot do without two things: a bed and a wardrobe. However, apart from the fact that they simply are there, they must remain fully functional and compatible with our lifestyle. When time passes, their appearance changes and it does not necessarily meet our standards any longer. What should we do to ensure that the furniture continues to be a positive element of our decor? In this article, we offer some helpful ideas on how to adapt old wardrobes to newer times while using IKEA wardrobe fitting new doors.

What is IKEA wardrobe fitting new doors?

Here at Noremax, we are proud to present a wide range of the custom IKEA PAX doors that are designed to match your old wardrobes. Not only are they compatible with IKEA cabinets, but also are customisable. You can choose the colour of your IKEA wardrobe fitting new doors and you are not limited in that area! To be sure that they are designed in the perfect shade to match exactly your expectations, you can choose NCS colour, Jotun or Farrow&Ball palette. Apart from that, you can of course influence the size and the handle type of your furniture. In the end, you create a project that is a total match to your lifestyle, with no compromises.

Apart from that, IKEA wardrobes doors are easily assembled and are far more convenient than the installation of a whole new set of furniture. Not to mention the much lesser price! There is simply no downside to this solution.

Now, let’s move on to the part where we discuss how to renovate your bedroom once you decide to use IKEA wardrobe fitting new doors.
Bring the calm into your realm of sleep

If you haven’t tried it yet, it is worth experimenting with the hot trend of minimalism. This applies to almost every part of life, especially to interior design. The main rule is that the less the better. It is not so important how many elements of the decoration are in the room, much more important is their quality. The less your room is packed, the better. Here the furniture helps to give you and the guests an impression of peace and tranquillity. In such a space you can certainly sleep and relax better and spend time with your loved ones in much comfier surroundings. If that’s what you want to achieve and you don’t know-how, we have a few style tips for you to apply to your wardrobe. The magic happens when you use IKEA wardrobe fitting new doors!

Circle PAX Wardrobe

Just as we said above, usually the less is better. The simpler the design and texture of the furniture, the more it stays in the background of the decor, leaving space for your activities. In such a room you can relax fully, but also get easily inspired. There are no distractors to keep your mind occupied in an unhealthy way. For this reason, you might want to apply the Circle style to your IKEA PAX wardrobe cabinet. It is very discreet but also aesthetically pleasing in a minimalist way. The circular opening system is what makes this piece of furniture unique. The important thing to note is that the Circle style is perfect either for the singular cabinet or the one that covers the whole side of the room.
Here you can see IKEA wardrobe fitting new doors in the light green colour option.

Escape PAX Wardrobe

Just as its name suggests, Escape is the perfect style for a dreamy soul wishing to getaway. It is perfect also for minimalism lovers, because of its fairly simple design with a stylish smart opening system that’s hidden discreetly in the middle of the front. Depending on the colour, it can fit perfectly to any type of interior design, might it be a modern or classic one.
It is highly recommended to apply this style to the built-in wardrobe that covers the whole wall. The effect is refreshing and magical!
Below you can see it in the pink colour version.

Traditional design for classic lovers

Old solutions are well proven, so they are always a good alternative to current trends. By choosing classic designs, you can be sure that they are timeless and versatile. You can opt for rural, Scandinavian or last century’s styles that are great implementation for any interior decor.

Classic PAX Wardrobe

This style is well known to anybody that has been in the IKEA store at least one time in their life. It adapts perfectly to almost any room and leaves a lot of space for decor experiments. It goes well with traditional solutions as well as an implementation for a modern Nordic style. Here at Noremax, you can fully customise its size, colour and handle type so it meets your expectations perfectly. It looks especially well as a standalone small-sized cabinet, but don’t feel discouraged to try it out in different combinations! The Classic style was meant to combine it with all kinds of interior elements.
Below you can see IKEA wardrobe fitting new doors in light yellow colour option.

Create a bedroom of your dream today!

Now it’s a better time than ever to create a safe and pleasant space in our homes when we not only relax there but also create a friendly home office. Due to the pandemic times, a renovated bedroom can be a place where we get quality sleep before a day full of work.
Applying quality wardrobe doors for PAX is a great way to re-organise your space and update its appearance. The only thing to do is to pick up your favourite style and start to further customise it. At any time, feel free to contact our support team that is more than happy to help you make the right decision.

Visit our Noremax PAX page and start renovating today!

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