Kitchen cabinet doors – the new dimension of IKEA kitchen design

IKEA has fans around the world who appreciate its practical and intelligent solutions. IKEA kitchen furniture, which has become a showcase for Swedish design, is particularly popular. But the expectations and individual needs of customers are constantly growing and the standard IKEA kitchen offer is often insufficient and unsatisfactory for them. Customers increasingly don’t want a mass “offer for all” – they want to have more choice and influence on the possibilities of creating a unique, original kitchen that reflects the individual style of its owner. On one hand, this is a consumer’s aesthetic maturity, on the other hand – a big challenge for manufacturers.

Noremax keeps the pulse of modern design

Trends in contemporary interior design can be defined by a single word: diversity. Recently, industrial, rustic, futuristic, ecological and postmodern projects have become very popular. Noremax fully feels and understands this trend to meet it’s requirments. The company complements IKEA’s practical solutions with unconventional design options for customer-specific taste, with practically endless combinations of kitchen cabinet doors – from any colour and three gloss types to a specific model out of four different collections, made from different materials.

What’s more, Noremax has a solution that is fully compatible with the Faktum system that IKEA has withdrawn, so that owners of this type of kitchen can give it a second, whole new life. Noremax designers think more broadly – the company’s solutions can also be freely used with other IKEA furniture – Besta sideboards, PAX wardrobes and storages. In this case, when designing furniture using, for example, the IKEA PAX planner, you simply skip the selection of fronts or remove them from the list later without any problem – Noremax products will fit here perfectly.

Designer kitchen cabinet doors

Noremax offers many different models of kitchen cabinet doors. This allows customers to find the ideal solution to change fronts themselves to completely revamp the style and look of their kitchen, without the need for more time-consuming and inconvenient renovation work. The Noremax concept makes revamping a kitchen not only quick and simple but also cheaper and environmentally friendly (by preserving and continuing to use previously installed kitchen cabinets and appliances).
Basic, Circle, Elegance, Instyle lines

Kitchen cabinet doors in Basic design is a simple and clean proposal that should appeal to minimalist solutions enthusiasts. It is also a perfect option for those who want discreet storage space by applying the same colour of paint both to the wall and Basic kitchen cabinet doors.

The Circle line introduces Basic modification in the form of a round opening in the corner of the front, which has the role of both decoration and handles. These kitchens cabinet doors can be freely used independently or in combination with Basic for a unique and interesting effect.

Another interesting variation of the Basic model is Elegance. Similarly to Circle, it allows to resign from handles thanks to a discreet, profiled and moulded finger pulls in the upper part of the doors (or bottom part in case of top & high cabinets). It is a solution combining elegance with usability, and the carving itself is pleasing to eye.

A similar idea was behind the design of Instyle doors, only that the finger pulls made in them are definitely more discreet and less visible. This is the quintessence of minimalist design that gives the kitchen a modern and perfectly clean character. These four types of kitchen cabinet doors are available within three different collections – Standard (Made of MDF or MDF covered with ash veneer under the name Nordic), Bamboo+ (made of bamboo) and Nordic+ (made of ash or oak). Three types of finish are possible within the Standard and Nordic+ collections: semi-gloss, satin and matte. In case of bamboo matte clear lacquer is only applied.

Basic and Circle doors (as any other design) can also be used in interesting Inframe combination. It is created in a way where kitchen cabinet doors are separated by side panels to achieve a frame effect. This looks very attractive, especially when kitchen cabinet doors and side panels are coated with different colours. MDF side panels are 12 mm thick while bamboo are 20 mm thick. So when planning a kitchen customer should take this into account.

The Standard Basic design is available not only for kitchen furniture – this may be used in other rooms as well – for PAX wardrobes, Besta storages and sideboards. It is worth remembering this, as the universal functionality of the Standard collection can be a great idea for a harmonious and stylish design of the whole flat or house.

Different faces of Classic designs

Within the Standard collection, there are also three additional lines of fronts referring to classic interior design – Classic, Classic Max and Classic Style. The characteristic feature of these kitchen cabinet doors is the 7 cm frame giving a classic and elegant look to the kitchen. The Classic line offers a frame with a 45-degree angle and the Classic Max with a 90-degree angle. The Classic Max is a frame with a bevelled panel and 90-degree angle. What is more, Classic Max fronts are made of ash veneer and the frame itself is made of ash wood. The Standard Classic family of kitchen cabinet doors can also be used in the Inframe formula.

Especially for people who like an industrial design, Classic fronts are also available, as part of the Mesh collection, in the original format. They are characterised by a centre made of perforated metal, which is an intriguing alternative to wood or glass.

Even more options – Ontime and Inline

Standard & Bamboo+ collections offer customers even more design variants. The Ontime doors offer a modern, more visible rectangular cut in handle. It is a sophisticated solution introducing an additional dimension of symmetry and order in the kitchen. Moreover, the Bamboo+ collection offers Inline doors with a horizontal groove along the entire length of the front. In addition to the practical dimension that allows opening the cabinet without the use of handles, this type of doors used throughout the entire cabinet set is a unique decoration of for any kitchen.

A flourishing kitchen – few words about the advantages of Bamboo

Bamboo is a unique material used by Noremax to manufacture kitchen cabinet doors. It is perfectly suited for aesthetic reasons, but it is not only decoration. Doors made of specially hardened bamboo present a unique colour and texture giving the kitchen a warm, natural look. This material is also very durable and resistant to extreme temperatures, so it is perfect for the kitchen. Bamboo is also environmentally friendly – the plant grows quickly and thanks to its natural antibacterial and mould-resistant properties bamboo plantations are not attacked by parasites and therefore do not need to be treated with pesticides. They also do not need much water, absorb carbon dioxide from the air and produce more oxygen than trees. So when planning a kitchen it is worth to seriously consider the use of bamboo furniture.

Colour is the key to success

The range of kitchen furniture is generally very limited in relation to the possible choice of colour – usually safe and classic colours – white, black or grey dominate. Noremax offer allows creating any colour of kitchen cabinet doors. The company provides the entire Natural Colour System (NCS) to offer customers the exact colour match they are looking for. For even greater choice, Noremax also accepts Jotun and Farrow&Ball colour pallets. This gives unlimited possibilities. Consequently, kitchen cabinets can be fully colour-matched to the rest of the interior – wall colours, decorative elements or tiles, or simply the imagination of the customer. In case of fronts made of Bamboo, natural or caramel colours can only be offered.

Support for Faktum kitchen cabinet doors

Noremax thinks of its customers comprehensively and realises that many people have furnished their kitchen with IKEA Faktum years ago. The system is no longer supported by IKEA itself and cannot be purchased there, but Noremax has a solution for this customers group too. This allows them to avoid a complete replacement of their kitchen – simply order the kitchen cabinet doors from the Noremax standard range, and your kitchen will get a new exciting life!

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