Kitchen storage ideas – practicality and aesthetics

Are you wondering how to organize the storage of things in the kitchen? Even a small space can be organized well without having to compromise. All you need to do is to equip kitchen cabinets with some useful functionalities.

Storing general pantry items, food and drinks, kitchen utensils, pots, pans, and other essentials can be much easier if we equip ourselves with the right furniture. Modern IKEA kitchen unit doors with soft-close technology and full extension mechanism will greatly facilitate work in the kitchen. Kitchen cabinets with special storage baskets will increase available storage capacity, and some lift systems will make even harder reachable kitchen cabinets ideal places for storing things. The presented tips will make kitchen storage systems much more practical!

Make your kitchen cabinets and drawers more functional

Before we move on to ways to increase kitchen storage space, it is important to mention the selection of the right kitchen units. It is extremely important, because what if we will have a lot of storage space if we will not use it because it will be uncomfortable and difficult to reach?
Today you can choose from a variety of kitchen units to suit your needs. The most popular – and probably the most convenient – IKEA kitchen systems are equipped with several amenities. IKEA kitchen unit doors are equipped with hinges that minimize the force of the closing door, which makes every day work much more convenient.

To arrange the most functional kitchen storage, it is worth focusing on the kitchen drawers as well. It’s a good idea to choose kitchen furniture that has mechanisms such as push to open, rubber brake, and soft-close. The latter will ensure that the furniture fronts are slowed down when IKEA kitchen doors (IKEA Factum doors, Method, and many others) are closed. The soft-close mechanism absorbs the pressure so you won’t even hear that the cabinet is closing. This is a particularly useful solution if you do not live alone and you like to cook something in the kitchen at night!
But that’s not all – push to open is a mechanism that will make the use of kitchen drawers and cabinets more convenient. After all, we often have two hands full during cooking and other housework, right? In such a situation, it will be useful to open the kitchen cabinet with your elbow or even your foot. From push to open mechanism all of this become possible. All you need is to gently touch the cabinet’s front and … that’s all – it will be opened immediately!

To improve our kitchen storage possibilities, it is also worth to consider kitchen drawers with full extension mechanism. This solution makes it easier to remove items that are at the very end of the cabinet because the drawer extends to the maximum distance. This is due to the use of the latest guides that modern IKEA furniture is famous for. Despite this, the whole structure is still 100% stable and safe!

The upper kitchen cabinets are the basis of good kitchen storage

Top kitchen cabinets are often used less frequently by us. This tendency can be observed especially in the case of cabinets situated in a horizontal orientation, located at the top, e.g. near the kitchen hood.

But it doesn’t matter what IKEA kitchen door sizes are. This one method will be useful in any case, regardless of the type of kitchen storage furniture you have. We are talking about modern lift systems for kitchen cabinets that will highly increase the comfort of use of the top cabinets.
Lift systems replace the classic hinges. These are pneumatic devices that, after opening the IKEA kitchen front, will ‘finish’ the opening of the entire front for us. Therefore, they guarantee an effortless way of using kitchen furniture.

High-quality lift systems can hold the front of the cabinet indefinitely. When you have your hands full or you reach for a given cabinet all the time, it will be a great help. These types of lift systems can work with both classic wooden furniture fronts and heavier glass fronts, making our kitchen storage possibilities much larger.

Kitchen storage baskets and tray dividers

You might be surprised what a great work kitchen storage basket can do in creating a more functional kitchen. Both for IKEA furniture and others, you will find ingenious intelligent storage baskets that are mounted inside kitchen cabinets. There are many different models, most of them extendable to the outside. Storing heavier items, pots, food processors or toasters will become a pure pleasure. Moreover, the problem of keeping order disappears – everything has its place from now on. You can choose between kitchen cabinets baskets with a different number of shelves and different handles. Some products of this type are surprisingly elegant. Their glamorous style will surely be appreciated by people who want to create elegant kitchen storage systems, not only functional.

The role of cutlery trays for kitchen drawers can be similarly described. These small furniture accessories, properly selected, will improve both the practical aspects and affect the overall aesthetics. Be sure to choose this small element to match the adopted kitchen storage arrangement. Plastic trays are very popular, their great advantage is that you can accurately cut the rubber ends so that the item perfectly fits the size of the drawer. On the other hand, it is worth considering the purchase of wooden, bamboo, metal, and even stone counterparts.

The above handful of tips are only relevant to selected issues, but we guarantee that by trying to solve them you can make a much better place. Check these ideas now, see also what we have prepared for you at Noremax!

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