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Fronts, sides and lacquered pieces

To keep your kitchen fronts, sides of cabinets and other lacquered elements looking their best we advise that you use a soft, damp cloth to clean. If required, a mild detergent such as soap maybe suitable. After cleaning, wipe dry immediately and thoroughly. It is important that you do not use any other chemicals; these can cause discoloration and act as an abrasive which will irreparably damage your fronts.

All wooden fronts covered with hard wax oil may show visible signs of wear over time and will require recoating to maintain their original appearance.

When you will notice that your fronts start losing their fresh look use a hard wax oil in matte finish (e.g. OSMO) to refresh them.

Please note that any Noremax fronts are not resistant to pet scratches so claims related to this won’t be accepted.

Handles and legs

For metal products, clean using mild soap and water. After cleaning, let the metal elements dry thoroughly to avoid rusting and discoloration. Across time, handles made of copper and brass may show signs of patina; a thin layer that forms on the surface produced by oxidation, age and wear. If you prefer perfectly polished handles, we recommend polishing agents for copper and brass.

Leather handles

Our range of leather handles are made of leather from Tärnsjö. On the skin, a patina will quickly appear and the aging process will become visible. To reduce discoloration and increase resistance to moisture, we recommend conditioning the leather using products you would use to protect leather shoes. Designed to be readily absorbed, the treatment will nourish and restore the flexibility in the fibres for a longer lifetime. Please note: once treated, the leather handles will appear slightly darker than before you applied the treatment.

Wooden legs

Wooden legs from Noremax should only be washed with a damp, soapy cloth. After cleaning, dry thoroughly.

Maintenance of Marmor Carrara

Marble has relatively large resistance to stains and discoloration. Red wine stains often settle easily if the worktop is not impregnated. We strongly recommend impregnating the Carrara Marble worktop with an impregnating agent suitable for marble. This is to protect it from dirt and discoloration. This is something that can be done easily by following the instructions of the manufacturer of the impregnating agent.

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