The Soft Matte Collection – doors for PAX wardrobe with an ultra-matte surface

If you are looking for a durable and modern wardrobe design with an exclusive and matte surface, then have a look at our Soft Matte Collection with doors for IKEA Pax Wardrobe.

This product series is made of MDF with a durable polymeric foil on top. The surface is very soft to touch and comes with an ultra-matte finish with both anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint features! In addition to a luxurious matte look, the Soft Matte Collection requires very little cleaning and maintenance. In other words, it is the perfect combination of functionality and looks! This product series also has a short and sweet leadtime, and an affordable price range.

Personalize your IKEA PAX wardrobe

With the Soft Matte Collection you can get your own brand new personalized IKEA Pax wardrobe! The product series is compatible with the IKEA Pax wardrobe system, and comes in the same sizes and dimensions as IKEA offers, prepared with holes for hinges in the right size and placement. The collection offers several designs, with or without integrated grip, and comes in 4 different trendy and easy to match colours. If none of the 4 standard colours speaks to you, there are also other colours available on request to fit the rest of your interior.

If you want to complete your wardrobe design with some handles of your liking, you can choose the Soft Matte Basic doors. Have a look at our big and varied collection of handles. If you are looking for a sleeker design with integrated grips, choose between the Soft Matte Circle design with timeless Scandinavian design looking circular grips, or the Soft Matte Exit design with a rectangular grip in just the perfect size.

If you choose one of the designs with integrated grips, we also offer the possibility to add a second and contrasting colour inside the grip. This, to give you the possibility to create your own unique and personalized design for your wardrobe.

Why Choose Soft Matte Collection?

• A minimalistic design with a luxurious look and a wow effect.
• A trendy and stunning ultra matte surface that is easy to maintain.
• Material properties that makes the fronts resistant to scratches and fingerprints.
• 4 trendy and easy to match colours to choose from. Other colour options are also available on request.
• Several design choices. Choose between doors with integrated grips so you don’t have to add handles, or doors without grips so you can add the perfect handles to complete your wardrobe design.
• The possibility to add a second and contrasting colour inside the grip, for your own unique and personalized design.
• An option of extending the doors 4 cm on the bottom to cover the plinth, to achieve an even more luxurios look.
• A short and sweet production time, so you don’t have to wait for long to get your brand new wardrobe fronts.

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