Creating bespoke items of IKEA furniture is simple with Noremax. We supply a wide selection of customisable fronts, legs, handles, sides and tops for popular IKEA cabinets. Faktum Kitchen and Metod Kitchen Cabinets are available in three finishes and any colour if an NCS, Jotun or Farrow & Ball colour code is provided. Semi-gloss, satin and matte finishes are also available to ensure the cabinet meets all individual requirements.

When you adapt a kitchen cabinet you must feel confident that the cabinet-front will match the colour of your walls and complement any installations you already have in the room. For example, vintage tiling or worktops. For this reason, the sample we provide are kitchen drawer fronts replacements as we know this is the most crucial to get right.

You can depend on the quality of Noremax products, however, it is impossible to guarantee your chosen colour and finish will work in your living space. To make sure you’re happy with your customised Noremax product, we suggest utilising our sample cabinets, to ensure your chosen design is the right aesthetic for your interior.

How To Order Samples

Ordering a sample before committing to a larger order has many benefits. For example, ordering a sample for the front of a sideboard is advisable, as a sideboard can be a large feature piece in a room and crucial to the overall design and fell of your home. A sample can be relocated to various places in a room, allowing you to determine where the best spot for the item is, and ensuring the light in different locations of a room will work with your piece.

A larger piece is a statement but also an investment, and it is crucial you get it right. Ordering a sample piece before you complete on an order can benefit you financially; Consider having to live with a piece that is not exactly what you envisioned for the space. You will grow irritated and often people resort to re-purchasing an alternative product, essentially wasting the money spent on the original purchase.

If you customise your IKEA kitchen cabinets but then decide another finish from Noremax would suit the room better, replacing the cabinet fronts will be another expense. Instead, avoid this time-consuming and financial mistake by ordering a sample, to ensure you have chosen the right finish.

Aside from colour and finish, you are able to choose which range you would like the sample to be styled in. For example, a sample of a Nordic style cabinet would help you determine if the simple and clean design would complement your interior, or work in a space of a juxtaposing style. Alternatively, an Ontime sample would showcase it’s sleek and contemporary design.

With nine styles to choose from, ordering multiple samples may be the most beneficial way to ensure you have the right choice of front for your interior.

After ordering a sample and deciding on the colour, finish and style of the cabinet, it is also important to consider if a handle is needed and if so, in what style. Metal handles in a bar style can offer an industrial look that aesthetically contrasts paler wood, while metal ball handles appear more neutral and complete a classic look. It is still a costly and long-term fixture in a kitchen, and therefore worth organising a sample before you buy and install on your cabinets. It’s the little details that complete an overall aesthetic.

Kitchen Drawer Fronts Replacement

Creating a personalised and chic environment couldn’t be simpler with Noremax samples. The Norwegian company combine incredible aesthetic appearance with functionality to create cabinets that are high-quality and visually appealing. Finding the right choice of finish, style and colour is made easy with samples as you can test your selection in your home before placing an order.

When you order a sample, we will send you kitchen drawer fronts replacement customised using your colour code and preferred finish. You can then picture a colour-customised kitchen in your space.

The friendly Noremax team would love to answer any questions you may have regarding samples or any other products, simply contact them today for more information.

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