The Soft Matte Collection – Fronts with an ultra-matte surface

Are you looking for matte cabinet doors, but are worried about how they will look with all those greasy fingerprints? We then have the perfect option for you – The Soft Matte Collection.

The Soft Matte Collection is a new addition to Noremax’s series of bespoken door fronts for IKEA kitchens, specially produced for those who value functionality and design. The fronts are made of MDF with durable polymer foil on top. The surface feels soft to the touch and comes with an ultra-matte finish that is both scratch and fingerprint-resistant!

Get replacement fronts for your IKEA Metod kitchen from the Soft Matte Collection and forget about a high-maintenance kitchen and enjoy the practical features of this series instead.

Choose with or without integrated grips

The Soft Matte Collection offers you the opportunity to mix and match different designs, all in the same durable and matte finish. The series come in both our Basic design without any decoration and the option to choose a design with an integrated grip. Soft Matte Exit or Soft Matte Circle. All great options to choose by themselves, or why not combine and create a unique and interesting interior?

Soft Matte Basic design gives you the option to complement your kitchen fronts with handles of your taste. Let the handles match the modern and minimalist expression of the fronts or choose something more authentic and decorative for a nice contrast.

If you prefer a sleeker and more modern look the Soft Matte Exit design is the way to go. The minimalistic rectangular grip offers great ergonomic properties without being too imposing.

Want something more playful and timeless? Then choose the Soft Matte Circle design, with its subtle circular grips that will give you an effortless Scandinavian look.

Customise your Soft Matte fronts

To further customise your kitchen fronts, The Soft Matte Collection offers you multiple different options to do so. The different designs are available in 4 selected standard, easy-to-match colours which you can then choose to apply in different ways:

The first option is to choose one colour for the whole front. Find your favourite and or maybe match a few different tones together.

The second option is to choose one colour for the front, sides and back, and a second colour inside the integrated grip. This will really highlight the grip design and make it an outstanding feature.

The third option is to choose one colour for the front, sides and back, and let the grip be made of clear lacquered oak instead. This brings in a bit of a natural element to these otherwise modern fronts and creates a nice combination of contemporary and rustic design.

Whichever way you prefer, we are sure that you will love the sleek and modern designs of the Soft Matte Collection and the possibility to design your own personalized and unique kitchen door fronts.

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