We can send you a sample of your chosen design and finish (except bamboo and stained wood option at the moment). However, the colour may be random as we only have limited range of colours considering the limitless colour options. However you still will be able to check the quality of the product, see how particular design looks like and check preferable gloss type.

As for the colour, we would suggest that you visit the nearest paint shop and ask for a paint sample of Farrow & Ball or Jotun for your chosen colour. You can also ask them to see the NCS code index and once you have picked the colour from it, they will be able to mix a small jar with sample paint for you, which you can check at home.

If you decide to order a sample/samples from us, they will be sent to you in a secure package and we will ask you to keep as much of the original packaging as you can for when you return the samples. You will need to cover postage cost for both ways (this will vary depending on how many samples you opt for (2 samples will cost just under £20 both ways).

It’s your responsibility to book and return the samples in their original state.

They need to be returned within a week.

We can send 1 or 2 samples but if you require more than that please make a note in “other comments” section and we will review if this can be done.

Once your order for the sample has been received we will contact you to confirm when the sample can be sent, provide you a return address, send you an invoice for the postage and advise how to arrange return.


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