When designing your kitchen, wardrobe or storage solution with Noremax, the possibilities are endless! Naturally, with many design options, you may stumble upon some questions. Ordering a sample will answer all your questions and let you feel a 100% sure of your final decision.

Full samples

A full sample (30×45 cm)  is perfect as it shows exactly how your fronts will look like. You choose design, colour and gloss.

General delivery time for this sample is three weeks.

Price for sample: £43

Small samples

Smaller material samples are a perfect choice if you wish to compare two materials to each other or if you find it hard to choose between different stains for ash or oak. These samples can give you a notion of how your fronts will look like and they will be delivered to you within approximately 1-3 weeks.

Price for sample: £6 – £13

We don’t have a showroom in UK yet however, samples can be also viewed in London at FM&G showroom at the below address (there is parking outside the FM&G)

* Please check with FM&G if they accept visitors in the current changing situation before you turn up. Their phone number is: 02077371430.

Fitted Mirrors and Glass

Unit 8
Ellerslie Square
Lyham Road

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm
Saturday – closed
Sunday – closed

* There won’t be any trained staff to help with orders or to provide any information about our products, the showroom is only for sample viewing. Any questions you may have regarding our products please contact us.

Please be aware that we don’t provide full samples for some designs. These are: 

Diamond, Escape, Empire, Moon, Mesh, Bamboo, Linoleum.

However, Linoleum and Bamboo can be purchased as a small sample

You can check pictures and videos for all designs on our Instagram noremax_official

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