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Upgrade your IKEA Besta, Metod or storage solution with a set of Cone-shaped furniture legs.

These legs will definitely add finesse to any piece of furniture in your home.

Add brass, copper, chrome or black metal to match perfectly with your Noremax handles.

Material: Made of natural beech
Included: Furniture leg adapter plate, screws, bolt, furniture pads
Finish: Matte (10 gloss), Satin (20 gloss) or semi-gloss (40 gloss)
Standard delivery time: 3 weeks

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Are you seeking a quick and inexpensive way to update your interiors? Then look here, we have the answer! Furniture legs are, both litteraly and figuratively, the foundation of almost every piece of furniture. Nowadays, they offer so much more than support, they contribute to the style and character of the furniture and therefore play a much greater role.

Noremax’ design concept focuses on quality, Scandinavian simplicity and versatility. We want our products to meet our clientele’s expectations. We adapt after your taste, not the other way around. That’s what make our furniture legs a great choice – they are both functional and stylish.

Product characteristics

The shape of the Cone Max furniture legs is self-explainatory. The design is simple and elegant and it makes it an excellent accessory to any type of furniture. It is made of high quality natural beech which ensure stability and durability.

This cone-shaped leg is 30 cm tall. The height results in a lot of space to be left underneat the furniture. This space can be used for any type of additional storage or left empty to ensure easy access and comfortable cleaning.

Our selection is designed to be able to adjust the furniture after your taste and preference. You will find that the furniture legs are available with or withour a metal detail at the end of the leg. So, wether you’d like to match the furniture with other decorative items or keep it clean, we have something for you. Perhaps you are going for a more sleek and Scandinavian design? Then leave the furniture leg bare in natural beech. Or perhaps you have a table light in beautiful brass colour – then add brass to the furntire legs as well and match with brass colours handles from our selection!

The options are many and just to be able to provide a selection of furniture legs that can go with any type of interior, we have decided to provide four different types of metals: brass, copper, chrome and black. So, wether you’re going for modern or traditional, industrial or Scandinavian – check out our selection of furniture accessories and we will help you to transform your home in minutes.

Easy and simple installation

All of our products have been designed with the comfort of our clients in mind. Your satisfaction is our number one priority, which is why we have choosen high quality materials. All products have been designed with attention to details. The furniture legs doesn’t only look delightful, but they are also very functional and durable. We want to provide products at an affordable price, that can last for many years.

Because we are also attentive of your time, we have decided to produce products that are easily assembled. All necessary elements are included in the package, and to give you even more peace of mind – mounting instruction can be found on our website. We are also happy to answer any questions regarding anything you can think of. So, feel free to get in touch with us!

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