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Upgrade your IKEA Besta, Metod or storage solution with a set of Cone-shaped furniture legs.

These legs will definitely add finesse to any piece of furniture in your home.

Add brass, copper, chrome or black metal to match perfectly with your Noremax handles.

Material: Made of natural beech
Included: Furniture leg adapter plate, screws, bolt, furniture pads
Finish: Matte (10 gloss), Satin (20 gloss) or semi-gloss (40 gloss)
Standard delivery time: 3 weeks

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Many people associate an update of a room with newly purchased furniture or even renovation. However, sometimes exchanging a few furniture accessories can transform the entire furniture and leave you with a brand-new interior in just a few moments. A piece of furniture can take on a completely different character with a quick update of, for example, the legs.

The satisfaction of our clients is of great importance for us, which is why we create products that combine high quality, functionality, versatility and affordability. We want to be able to tailor all our products to the taste of our clients, not the other way around. So, check out our new furniture leg, Natural Cone, 17 cm, today!

Product characteristic

First of all, the material that is used to manufacture this furniture leg is natural beech. It is a carefully selected material of quality, that makes the product durable and steady. Furthermore, the form of these legs defines the character of the furniture.

Secondly, we offer an adaptable ability with these furniture legs. We do this to make sure that we can provide a product suitable for your personal taste and preference. The first option is to purchase the product in only natural wood. The design is sleek, durable and great in Scandinavian, minimalistic interiors.
If you are a fan of more expression and want something more dramatic, then go for our second option. Add a metal to the bottom om the leg, match with handles or other furniture accessories with the same appearance. The metals are available in brass, chrome, copper and black.

When you have found and designed your perfect furniture leg, then make sure to choose the right gloss! The legs can be purchased in three different glosses to match with the rest of your furniture. Semi-gloss is a gloss with finesse and elegance, the satin gloss brings a trendy and fresh look while the matte gloss creates a calm appearance with attitude. Convinced to change your furniture legs yet? Check out our collection and find the matching handles today!

Why Noremax?

We always prioritise the needs and wants of our clients. We are aware that style and comfort of different furniture are of greatest importance to everyone. That is why we are very sensitive and listen to the needs of our clientele, to be able to improve and provide the best selection of products and quality.
First of all, one of our main concerns is to increase comfort of the user. We have therefore decided to provide furniture legs in a height of 17 cm – a great height which allows for ergonomic cleaning without heavy lifting.

Secondly, we always use high quality materials to make sure we offer the best durability we can. The quality material makes sure that the furniture legs can be used for many years to come.

Thirdly, we understand that the looks and style of the furniture legs are of great importance and therefor made sure to provide a design for furniture legs which is universal and stylish. The legs can be purchased in different styles and colours to make sure there is something for everyone and every room.
Finally, we are also sensitive to your time and money. So, Noremax have made sure to include everything you need in the package, for easy installation. We offer quick delivery of only approximately 3 weeks and everything for an affordable price!

Give your home a quick update with Noremax Furniture Accessories today!

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