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For those searching for a minimalist design the Ball handle ticks all of the boxes. As the name implies, the Ball handle is shaped like a ball. Suited to a wide range of applications, the Ball handle is available in three different finishes; matte black, polished copper and chrome. Also available in the series is the Umbrella, Gold and Bridge; all available in the same finishes and materials as the standard Ball handle.

Dimensions: 28 mm in diameter and 33 mm in height.

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The door handle on your kitchen fronts is a personal taste and requires as much thought as the rest of the kitchen design. The colour, style and functionality must all be considered when determining whether a door handle is suitable for your kitchen. Whether you have a traditional or modern kitchen space, if you are looking for a minimalist design then you should opt for ball door handles. The simple yet effective shape makes opening and closing kitchen fronts easy, and the ball door handles don’t take the focus away from the rest of the kitchen design. Available in three different finishes from Noremax, you can match your new ball door handles to your kitchen space; Polished Copper, Black Matte and Chrome.

Benefits Of Ball Door Handles For Your Kitchen

Ball door handles add a touch of style and sophistication to your property and can be particularly useful when looking for a seamless way to open and close the kitchen cabinets and doors. Being only 33mm in height and 28mm in diameter, these ball door handles are the perfect size for practical use, but also to look subtle enough that they don’t look bulky or stand out too much.

Ball door handles won’t make your kitchen space feel cluttered. Whether you use the door handles throughout the entire kitchen or only use them for some cabinet doors, such as below the sink. With the different finishes, you can colour-coordinate your kitchen space to look exactly how you designed it. Our ball door handles are sturdy and durable, so you can open and close the doors in the kitchen, without having to worry about the handle breaking or damaging the door.

Due to the size and shape of the ball door handles, you only need one hand to open and secure a cabinet or door. Therefore, if you have food shopping or cooking utensils in one hand, you can easily open the doors with the other. The size of the ball door handles is also suitable for all hands, no matter how big or small they are, allowing everyone to be able to use the handles.

Combining both feasibility and style, ball door handles look great in any style of kitchen. You can choose the finish of your choice to ensure that the style is maintained across the interior of your property.

Why Choose Noremax For Ball Door Handles

Here at Noremax, we deliver a simple way for you to convert your kitchen from a run-down space to something to be proud of. Enjoy spending time in your kitchen again and invite friends over to cook for them in a new stylish kitchen. We will help you to bring your dream space to life with our Faktum and Metod kitchen fronts and add the finishing touch to your sleek space with the installation of your new ball door handles from our extensive range. For more information about our ball door handles, get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team, today.

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