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With an elegant industrial style, the Batman handle is ideal for any modern or contemporary setting be it a home, studio or office. To add another dimension, parts of the handle are knurled meaning they are raised and textured. The Batman handle is available in matte black and antique bronze options. It also works well when used in combination of the Helios series which has the same raised textured patterns in parts of the grip area.

Dimensions: 138 mm in length, 10/12 mm in width, and 35 mm in depth. The space between the two required holes is 128 mm.

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Whether you are looking for new handles for your modern or contemporary kitchen space, Batman door handles are the ideal choice. The elegant industrial style works well in any setting from a studio, home or office, making it a versatile addition. What’s more, these Batman door handles are knurled, which means that they are textured and raised. Made in matte black and with antique bronze options, these are an eye-catching addition to any living space. 13mm long, 10/12mm wide, 35mm deep and with a space between the holes of 128mm, these Batman door handles make opening and closing doors easy, whether it’s heavy or light. Due to the size of the handle, users have more grip, so they are more durable and sturdier. This durability means that these Batman door handles will last longer with better longevity.

Installing Batman Door Handles

Installing Batman door handles into your home is easy and straightforward, so you don’t need an experienced DIY enthusiast to do it for you. Due to the two colours the Batman door handles are available in, they complement a range of colours, so you aren’t restricted on which colour to choose for your faktum kitchen or metod kitchen cabinets.

By installing Batman door handles, you can add style and a seamless way to open and close kitchen doors, drawers and cabinets. The colour of these handles can transform the atmosphere to a refreshing mood and will go well with almost any other colour. Due to the solid design and colour of the Batman door handles, it will undoubtedly create a ‘wow’ factor for you and your guests. If you are looking for a material and design for your kitchen cabinets to add to the Batman door handles, our Bamboo collection would work very well, as the raised handles complement the texture of the Bamboo.

Additionally, these handles don’t require a lot of maintenance to remain clean and the colour means they won’t show fingerprints either. Therefore, you are able to keep your kitchen immaculate without much upkeep, which is ideal if you don’t have a lot of time. To keep the handles looking smart, you don’t even need to use harsh chemicals to clean them. If you choose to install black Batman door handles into your kitchen, you can find a variety of accessories to match the handle and create a premium and seamless appearance.

Choose Noremax For Batman Door Handles

At Noremax, we have years of experience helping customers to transform their kitchen space to something that ticks all the boxes. A kitchen should be a space that is enjoyed, as this is the heart of the home. Therefore, with our Batman door handles you can add the finishing touch to your dream kitchen space and bring it to life! If you would like more information about our Batman door handles, get in touch with our friendly and experienced team. We are here to help you revamp your old kitchen into something you’re proud of!


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