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BOWL is an inverted, round and simple oak handle. Mounted with screw from the back of the front. This model is best suited for sideboards.

Diameter 65 mm, depth 20 mm.

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Inverted Door Handle

The Bowl handle is an inverted door handle made from oak. Simple to mount onto kitchen cabinet doors, this round inverted door handle is ideal for small drawers in the kitchen or sideboards. Only being 65mm wide and 20mm deep, this inverted door handle is easy to pull open, making it suitable for all hand sizes. What’s more, the size of the inverted door handle doesn’t overpower anything else in the room, as they subtly fit into the interior design.

The oak makes for a perfect traditional and contemporary finish for any kitchen or living space, which is why this Bowl handle has been a popular choice for homeowners. What’s more, due to this inverted door handle being made form oak, it’s more durable and will stand the test of time better. Handles made from cheap materials are likely to break easily, due to being flimsier, which isn’t ideal when you need to open and close drawers and cabinet doors. Unlike these, this oak inverted door handle will last a long time, so you won’t need to replace it anytime soon. Additionally, this oak inverted door handle is available at an affordable price, so you can have Bowl handles installed without breaking the bank or any compromise on quality. Due to the excellent price tag, this allows all homeowners to access this beautiful oak inverted door handle, to create the interior space they have always dreamed of.

Oak Inverted Door Handle

This oak inverted door handle from Noremax looks great with any other materials, as well suiting interior designs with oak around the property. Oak comes with a number of benefits, including its appearance. The distinctive material has a rich colour that adds an elegant texture to the room, creating a rustic feeling, as well as adding character to the interior of the property, regardless of the period.

The versatility of oak inverted door handle means that this material works well in any room around the house. Easy to clean and maintain, oak is a popular choice for homeowners looking for a convenient, yet stylish inverted door handle for their new or revamped kitchen. Additionally, if you want to add an environmentally friendly aspect to your property, oak doesn’t undergo chemical treatments that are harmful for the environment, making this inverted door handle the perfect addition to the interior of your property.

At Noremax, we stock a variety of handles for you to browse to find the handle that is best suited to your kitchen and living space. Add the Bowl Handle into your home to create the perfect finishing touch that will make you want to entertain guests and spend more time in your kitchen. From kitchen fronts to the oak inverted door handle, every aspect of your kitchen design is important.

If you would like more information about our Bowl Handle, contact our team at Noremax. Alternatively, if you are looking for inspiration for your kitchen or interior design, read our blogs to see the latest trends for kitchen designs.

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