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Similar to the Bridge handle but with a rounded shape instead of flat, straight edges, the Castle handle has a softer and more delicate appearance. To suit your setting, the Castle handle is available in matte black, nickel, untreated brass, brushed steel or polished brass; the choice is yours!

Dimensions: 142 mm in length, 7 mm width, and 34 mm depth. The space between the two required holes is 128 mm.

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Castle Kitchen Drawer Handles

For a soft and delicate appearance, opt for the Castle kitchen drawer handles. Available in nickel, untreated brass, brushed steel, polished brass and black matte, the choice is completely yours, so you can design your kitchen to be exactly as you choose. These kitchen drawer handles are similar to the Bridge handle, except these have a rounded shape, as opposed to having straight and flat edges. At Noremax, we keep our prices competitive and never compromise on quality. All the handles we stock in our range are easy to install and add the perfect finishing touch to any kitchen space. Due to the size of these Castle kitchen drawer handles, 142cm long, 7mm wide and 34mm deep, these look great in kitchen interior designs and allow you to open and close kitchen drawers with the utmost ease. This is particularly useful for when you are cooking a meal, putting away utensils or have shopping in one hand.

Benefits Of Kitchen Drawer Handles

Regardless of the kitchen fronts you choose for your kitchen space, whether you opt for metod kitchen or faktum kitchen fronts, our Castle kitchen drawer handles add an extra dimension and accentuates the existing lines of the door. You can choose to fit the kitchen drawer handles vertically or horizontally, as they break the elongated pattern and create a quirky look, which is perfect if you want to add more character to your kitchen interior.

Not only do kitchen drawer handles add personality to your kitchens’ appearance, but they also offer huge value as furniture accessories too. If you have a contemporary, modern kitchen, these Castle handles will work seamlessly in the design. Moving the handles horizontally and vertically, not only alters the appearance, but can also be perfect for practical purposes.

These Castle kitchen drawer handles also provide better grip when you are trying to use the drawers. Due to the drawer handle having two attachment points, you need less force to open your kitchen drawers, so they’re more user-friendly and have better durability. In fact, the design of our Castle handles is very versatile, so you could install them in different rooms around the house, including the bathroom.

Why Choose Noremax For Your Kitchen Drawer Handles?

At Noremax, we have years of experience helping homeowners to find the perfect kitchen fronts and handles for their kitchen interior. We provide our customers with a variety of different handle options, allowing them to find the design that best suits them and their kitchen. We also have a principles of care guide, to help homeowners to maintain the products they purchase from us. What’s more, we only stock premium products, so our customers can be sure that their new handles or kitchen fronts are sustainable and will look good too.

If you would like more information about our Castle kitchen drawer handles, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team at Noremax, today.

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