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A beautiful modern handle that folds softly around the cabinet front, the Cocoon handle has been designed with simplicity in mind. Made of chrome and with half the circle visible, the Cocoon handle is fluid in style. In all, it has an alluring quality, drawing you into the handle itself.

Dimensions: 200 mm in length, and 40 mm in depth. The space between the two required holes is 160 mm.

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Cabinet Pull Handles

Our Cocoon cabinet pull handles fold comfortably around the cabinet front, making it easy to open and close. Designed with minimalism and effortlessness in mind, Cocoon cabinet pull handles seamlessly fit into any kitchen type and style. The handle has an attractive quality that works well with any kitchen design. Due to its length of 200mm and depth of 40mm, these chrome cocoon handles are the perfect size for all sized hands to open and close the kitchen cabinets. The chrome material creates a sleek and polished finish in any kitchen, making these cabinet pull handles popular with many customers.

Install Cocoon Handles In Your Kitchen

When choosing the best handle for your kitchen fronts, it can be difficult to know the most suitable design for your kitchen. For large doors, such as pantries and pull-out doors, cabinet pull handles, such as Cocoon handles are ideal. They are comfortable to use, as it allows the whole hand to grab the handles, which is ideal if the drawer or door is heavy. Cabinet pull handles are more than suitable for kitchens with a contemporary style. Cocoon handles can be used both horizontally and vertically, depending on the type of cabinet door you want to use.

For a kitchen to be proud of, these cabinet pull handles look sleek in any kitchen space. Easy to clean, with these Cocoon handles you can maintain a presentable kitchen that you will want to spend time in and where you will want to entertain guests. Not only are these Cocoon handles ideal for kitchen fronts, but for drawers and cupboards around the house, allowing homeowners to keep the same theme for the interior of their property throughout every room.

In addition to providing easy door access, even when you have armloads of shopping, these cabinet pull handles are easy to install, meaning that you can add them to your interior design efficiently. With there being a wide range of cabinet door handles available on the market, finding one to help with a seamless finish for your property can seem daunting. Fortunately, these Cocoon handles can do exactly that. Their polished look makes a statement on the cabinet door or kitchen front.

Create a bespoke living area that you’re proud of by adding these cabinet pull handles. Available at affordable prices, you can add premium Cocoon handles to your home without having to break the bank. Plus, despite the excellent price, when making these Cocoon handles, quality wasn’t compromised. This also means that you are able to add as many Cocoon handles to your property as you need, for a maintained theme and appearance throughout.

If you would like more information about our cabinet door handles, get in touch with our friendly and expert team at Noremax, today. In the meantime, for inspiration for your kitchen space, read our innovative blogs to see current and future trends.

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