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A striking modern knob in an industrial style, the Helios handle features raised geometric tooled grooves to provide an added dimension to the handle. Ideal for an industrial setting, place on rustic wooden pieces of furniture to finish off your carefully styled rooms or make a rebellious statement against your industrial surfaces, adding a touch of glam. A cool choice for many applications, the Helios handle definitely makes itself known without imposing on your interiors. It also works well when used in combination of the Batman series which has the same raised textured patterns in parts of the grip area.
Dimensions: 60 mm in length, 10 mm in width, and 35 mm in depth.

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Helios Contemporary Kitchen Handles

These industrial style Helios kitchen handles feature raised tooled grooves, adding a dimension to the handle. Perfect for the industrial setting, these contemporary kitchen handles work seamlessly against rustic wooden pieces of furniture. Without imposing on your interiors, the Helios handle makes itself known. Available with dimensions of 60mm long, 10mm wide and 35mm deep, this handle is perfect for opening and closing drawers and kitchen fronts with ease.

Our Helios contemporary kitchen handles complement any kitchen design and the black industrial style works flawlessly with any colour scheme. We also keep our prices competitive, so all homeowners can install as many handles into their kitchen interior and create their dream space.

Contemporary Kitchen Handles

Our contemporary kitchen handles are simple to install, so you can have as many handles as you want in your kitchen space and you don’t need to seek assistance! The texture on the Helios handle makes the handle easy to grab and use, especially when you’re putting utensils away or have your shopping in your other hand.

This contemporary kitchen handle works well when used with the Batman handle too, as they both have the same raised textures pattern. Whether you’re revamping your kitchen space or designing a brand-new space, these Helios contemporary kitchen handles work seamlessly and are the perfect addition to your interior; you can add as many or as little handles into your space to make the perfect design.

Why Choose Noremax For Your Contemporary Kitchen Handles?

At Noremax, we have years of experience and expertise helping homeowners find suitable kitchen fronts and handles for their dream space; from faktum kitchen and metod kitchen fronts. The modern and timeless designs are available in premium quality and suitable for all spaces, regardless of their size.

Every handle in our range at Noremax is designed with an abundance of attention to detail, to ensure that they look great when they’re installed and so homeowners can be proud of the finished look in their kitchen space. The Helios contemporary kitchen handles add personality and character to a design, due to their unusual texture and style. What’s more, these versatile contemporary handles look excellent in different spaces, so you can install them in other rooms in your property, including the bathroom.

We have also designed a Principles of Care guide, so you can continue to maintain the beautiful appearance of your kitchen after it’s been installed and used; our customer service keeps on giving. Our team at Noremax are always available to answer any questions you may have, whether it’s about our contemporary kitchen handles or our kitchen fronts.

If you would like further information about our Helios contemporary kitchen handles, or any of the other handles in our range, get in touch with our friendly and helpful team, today. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our collection at Noremax.

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